American Realism 1860-1915 A.D.

by: Ryan Kinder


American Realism was a movement of ideas and style that effected art, music, and literature. The movement focused on what was real by depicting the normality and social tendencies of everyday life.


Before the mid 19th century America still seemed to reflect the ways of England. They focused on being highly creative and elegant so that they could show that they were as good as the English. This idea started to change however with the American Realism movement. New and up coming writers, artists, and musicians wanted something different, they wanted to show what was real and not some random thing they conjured in their mind. Thus the American Realism movement was born; where reality is depicted and the highly elegant and grandiose were tossed out.


Literature before the Realism movement tended to be flowery and utilized words that people didn't use in normal speech. The American Realism movement brought with it normal words and the ideas displaying life as an American. This meant the writing during this period tended to be more relatable, and you didn't have to decipher the text to know what the heck the writer was trying to say.
Get Real: An Introduction to Realism in American Literature


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