Welcome to Third Grade

The place where learning is fun!

August 26, 2013

Welcome to third grade with Ms. Gibson!  We are going to have a great time learning so many new things this year. 

Open House

Friday, Aug. 23rd, 4-6pm

201 North Main Avenue

Maiden, NC

I look forward to  meeting all my students this year as well as their parents or guardians who will be bringing them to Open House.  We will have 40 minute sessions beginning at 4:00 pm and lasting until 6:00 pm.  During this time, we will look at all the expectations for learning in third grade:  classwork, homework, supplies, and learning goals.  I will have some handouts and electronic presentations for all who attend. 
You may contact me anyway that you choose, but email is probably the quickest way for me to get back with you.  In fact, if you would send me an introductory email, I will then have your email address in my address book and that will be a great method of communication.