Shaira Hai/ Parraz 4th Period/ October 10, 2013


Hello, I am the Nucleus, the boss of the Cell Company. Since I am retiring, I need someone to take my place. If you are interested keep on reading for further detail.

Job Description

In order to be successful, you have to be a large sphere shaped organelle that controls all the cell's activity including reproduction. It contains the genetic material too also known as DNA. The nucleus is also referred as the "Brain of the Cell".

Qualifictions and Education

Since you will be working with other organelles you have to:

*Be an expert of the positions and functions of all the organelles in the cell.

*Know how you affect the cell's function.

*Know what you have to do in order to function properly.
*Be a good leader and SMART!!


If you get hired, you obviously will be the new boss of the factory. You will get a pretty high salary. Since you are the "Brain" you will get 700 Joules to power you up for the next working hour. If you work extra hard you will be paid 1,100 joules. Also, over time you will get a higher salary rise like 3,000 joules.

Contact Information