Australian Christmas

Learn about the Australian Christmas

Christmas difference in Australia and the U.S.A

It’s a summer holiday season. Unlike the winter holiday in the rest of the world they celebrate it in summer because of how hot it is there.

How do they celebrate

They celebrate with glitter and tinsel, and it depends on the weather location. The reason it depends on the weather because they are right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Australian winter weather and tree

Who brings gifts?

it’s the “Swag Man” because they think Santa suffers from heat stroke

How do they decorate? What foods are eaten in this country?

it’s ornaments:Australia: seafood, glazed ham, cold chicken, duck or turkey, cold deli meats, pasta, salads galore, desserts of all types, fruit salad, pavlovas, ice-cream plus Christmas edibles of all varieties such as mince pies,fruit cake, shortbread, chocolates etc.