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St. Mary's Catholic School - Longview, Texas

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Week of August 19, 2019

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Squire Squad

Calling all PreK 3 through 5th graders who want to cheer on Knights Athletics throughout the school year.

Registration Form Here

Please Return by Friday, August 23, 2019

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Spirit Shirts

Please return Spirit Shirt order forms by Tuesday the 20th. New students, be sure to include you size for your complimentary shirt, and return it to school.

Order forms available in the school office.

Parking Lot and Morning Drop-Off Etiquette

  • PreK3 - 5th Grades can be dropped off at Cafeteria until 7:50 am
  • 6th Grades - 12th Grades should be dropped off at the Gym
  • Do not drop off children at main school entrance until 7:50 am
  • If you are walking your child into the school or cafeteria, please park in the parking spots, not at the curb
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended at the curb. If you need to get out of your car, please park in a parking spot.
  • Please pull all the way forward at the curb for drop off, allowing for up to 3 vehicles to drop off at the same time
  • Continue with the flow of traffic to the school exits. DO NOT make a U-Turn or reverse.
  • Safety Patrol will be present to help with drop off beginning at 7:30 am
  • SLOW DOWN and stay OFF your phone

Safety Patrol

August 13 - 23: William Dunn, Clayton Kemp, Amalie Rodriguez

Change in End of Day Pick-Up

Key things to know

  • The Hollybrook entrance to the school will be blocked off with cones.
  • If you need to speak to someone in the office or a teacher, you will be required to park and go into the school. Please note that most teachers will be on duty helping with loading kids in cars and traffic control.
  • Please do not block any of the entrances or exits.
  • If you have a student in PK3 – 5th grade you will enter off of Ridgewood. You will turn right into the parking lot and circle around the grassy knoll to the front parking lot of the school.
  • If you have a 1st – 5th grader, you will stop at the first crosswalk (third grade hallway) and your student(s) will be escorted and loaded into your car.
  • If you have a PK3 – Kindergartner you will stop at the second crosswalk (PK hallway) and your children will be escorted and loaded into your car.
  • If you have students in both of these groups, your students will be grouped together and picked up at the second crosswalk (PK hallway).
  • If you do not have to pick up students in 6th – 12th grades you will turn left and exit onto Ridgewood in Lane A.
  • If you have students in grades 6th – 12th in addition to your younger ones, you will drive straight, past the gym, and turn right to pick your student up in front of the cafeteria.
  • If you have a student(s) in grades 6th – 12th only, your student(s) will be picked up at the Parish Center (cafeteria). You will enter off of Ridgewood, Lane C, the last entrance of the church (this is also where you will exit). You will stop at the front of the cafeteria where your student will walk out. You will drive around the church and exit at the far exit onto Ridgewood (Lane C).
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IMPORTANT - New Ethics and Integrity Training

When: September 7

9 am -11 am

Parish Center at St. Mary's Catholic Church & School

Deacon Ruben Natera

All attendees must have completed their online training and background check before attending the face to face training.

Please email Melissa Aguilar @ maguilar@stmaryslgv.org with your name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

The cost is $16 that will be asked for after your background check returns.

This is mandatory for all parents wanting to volunteer and/or come onto campus for events, lunch, etc.

Mass Help

Altar Servers: Daisy Rodriguez, Amalie Rodriguez, and Simeon Brown

Lectors: Jonah Collard & Loretta Tassin

Petitions: Rebecca Dunn & Nicole Womack

Uniform Changes

  • We will no longer offer the red polo shirt.
  • Khaki pants may be flat front or pleat front.
  • Girls may wear leggings under their skirts on cool weather days. They MUST be either solid navy or black.

Also, new navy blazers will now have an embroidered crest as opposed to the sew on patch crest.

Volunteers Needed

Concession Stand - Volleyball Play-date (August 24th) - Times needed from 8 am until TBD. Contact Melissa Aguilar at maguilar@stmaryslgv.org or text at (903) 263-9819

A Knight to Remember Gala

A Knight to Remember will be on Saturday, April 25, 2020.

We are establishing committees now.

If you are interested in helping, our next meeting is September 11th, at 6:30 pm in the Parish Hall.

We are currently looking for a silent auction chairperson. If interested, please email Melinda Dunn at mdunn@stmaryslgv.org or Bob Ward at rward@stmaryslgv.org

Upcoming Events

August 20

HS Volleyball vs Northside at home, 5 pm, Varsity Only

HS Soccer vs Northside at Lear Park, 5 pm

August 24

HS Volleyball Play Date at St. Mary's Gym, All Day

HS Volleyball at ETCA in Tyler, 5 pm

August 27

HS Soccer at CHCS, 5 pm

HS VB at ETCA in Tyler

August 30


HS Soccer vs Athens at Lear Park, 5 pm

August 31

HS Cross Country Meet at Brookhill

September 2

Labor Day – No School

September 3

HS Soccer at ETCA in Tyler

HS Volleyball vs. Northside at home, 5 pm, Varsity Only

September 5

MS Volleyball vs Athens at home

HS Volleyball vs Athens at home

MS Soccer vs Athens at home

September 6

HS Soccer at LCS

Lunch Menu

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September Menu