A Message from the D41 Board

Dear District 41 Staff,

I heard from a former colleague recently who asked me about my “teenage” daughter. I informed my friend that it had been many years since we spoke, and my teenage daughter was now a young woman with a master’s degree and a job. She mostly knew my daughter as a kid who liked to ice skate. Turns out my daughter was well taught, counseled, advised, guided and watched over by folks like you when she wasn’t tying on skates. Funny what people remember. I’m not sure what you think will be remembered about our 2021 Fall school year. I know how hard it has been. I know you’re grateful for schools full of eager children but wish for more normalcy. I know you deserve more respect and less unkindness. Perhaps all the sharp edges will be carried forward in your mind. Maybe. But I think your efforts and impacts are a stronger force than that which causes you hurt. Parents one day will recall you with gratefulness and the students you influenced with reverence.

The holidays are a time to rest, to breathe a little deeper, cleaner. Please also know that what you have contributed to the lives of children will live long after the rough patches have been made smooth. What gets remembered is what parents see realized in their children. And the really cool thing: your kids, now young adults see it too.

On behalf of the D41 School Board, I wish you a joyous holiday season.

Dr. Robert Bruno, President

District 41 Board of Education