Feb. 1- Feb. 5, 2016


A big thank you to the SILT Team for the great Parenting 411 night on Thursday. It was an amazing event with a lot of positive feedback. Thanks also to all staff who gave up their time to help make it happen. Your involvement and commitment is the reason the Bradley East is such a great place to be!!!

Class supply lists need to be turned in to the office on Monday.

Friday is a district jean day for IKAN Life education.

The Family Fun-A-Thon is Sunday at ONU. 1:00-4:00.

The next PTA General meeting is on February 9th at East. The meeting will be followed by a family beach bingo night. There will be more information to come. Please support the PTA activity if at all possible on that evening.

Parental Engagement, Something to ponder: Educator's lack of knowledge about families' circumstances and school experiences may also get in the way of engaging parents. Make no assumptions about families. If they stay away from school events, we can't assume its because they don't care or aren't motivated. Find out more about their circumstances. (Taken from the book, Beyond the Bake Sale)


Monday: Class supply lists to office


Wednesday: Team meetings


Friday: District Jean Day: IKAN Life Education
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