Village Capital Goes Off the Grid

Partnership Launched with Sustainable Energy for All

Genius Wanted

Village Capital is launching an exciting new program together with the UN Foundation's Sustainable Energy for All campaign. We are looking for the best new ideas aimed at expanding access to energy through business applications wherever electricity is demanded but not yet supplied. Big or small, with a product in hand or just a concept in mind, we encourage you to check out our program. Our Peer Selection model offers you not only the chance to sharpen your own skills, but it also gives you the chance at a $50,000 seed investment where you are the decision maker.

Peer Selection means you are part of the decision making process along with the group off your peers working toward the same goal. And unlike Survivor, the voting is open and used as a feedback loop to both strengthen your concepts and skills, while holding the group accountable to promoting the best ideas and not the best looking business owner!

Read more about our Sustainable Energy for All program here, the resources we provide, and the benefits you can gain by making your idea into an impactful business. Apply here by August 31 to make it into our Fall program!

We will hold an informational call about the program for anyone who's interested in participating in this exciting new program, and we encourage you to join us if you're interested in applying. Please RSVP on our Eventbrite:
The password is: sustainable

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