American Dream

By Abram Eichenberger

What is the American Dream?

America is the country of the free who want to live life the way they want and how they want to do it. The American Dream is what every American should have which it might be a soldier in the U.S. Army or a business man.

3 Characteristics of an American Dream

  1. LIfe
  2. Happiness
  3. Honor

What is my American Dream?

My American Dream is to be the best soldier I can be. The reason why I would be a soldier is because I love this country, Every time I have a chance of taking a harder class, I would take it because I like the challenge. I really like to fight and there is no better way to fight then to fight for my country. I believe honor is the key component for anything you do for the American Dream. Honor defines this country and what it stands for. I love helping others and help kids grew and succeed. I would want to be happy for what I do and be glad that they succeed.
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Happiness is helping others

Helping Others

I used this symbol because I would like to help others in my future. This photo shows two mountain climbers helping each other get up to the top. Both are strong and that is what I would like to be. The video is what I would like to be in the Marine Corps by helping women and children any one of them that is in a cage be free from the torment of the extremist.