ESC 18 - Taco Tech Tuesday

Minus the Tacos, Extra Tech!

April 28, 2020


I use Slido all the time for my presentations. It is a quick and easy way to interact with your audience and get great feedback from polls, questions and Q&A. You can get analytics from the questions and polls you ask your audience members as well.

Better yet it works seamlessly with Google Slides and either create your questions ahead of time or directly. Simply sign up for a free account here and download the google add-on here and start adding easy Q&A or polls today.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a free Google Chrome extension. This extremely easy to use tool provides various editing features that make it easy to annotate your screenshots and hide sensitive information and also lets you upload screenshots in just one click. One of the best and simplest to use screenshot tools for all your at-home or school-related needs. Download it here.


Writing is a tough topic to cover through Distance Learning. Boomwriter is a great way to get students to write and even collaborate. BoomWriter is a collaborative writing tool that helps teachers inspire and engage students in writing. This collaborative tool is a great way to motivate students to write by placing them in competition situations with each other anonymously and having students vote for chapters/additions throughout a number of genres. Try it here.


Reading is another tough topic to cover in this distance learning model. ReadTheory is an online reading comprehension assessment tool for students. It allows students to read narrative, informative, or informational literary passages and answer corresponding comprehension questions, while tracking student performance and reporting progress to teachers. It is free for all users. Take a pretest at the bottom of the home page to see it in action here.

Sign up for our Blended Learning sessions this summer. (Online/Distance Learning will be an option for June 2nd)

ESC 18 Virtual Professional Development Opportunities

ESC 18 is offering virtual professional development opportunities for K-12 educators who are working remotely.

These engaging sessions will provide an opportunity for collaboration and learning as teachers step into their new roles as online instructors in the virtual classroom.

Information and session registration is located in the link below.

Technology Help Desk

Remember to submit a Technology Help Desk ticket for any technology needs or services. Email Technology at or call the Help Desk at (432)-561-4321

Google Educator Level 1 and 2 Certification

Click on the image below to learn more about becoming certified as a Google Educator Certification Level 1 and Level 2.

Chris Enriquez

Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Analytics