I seriously LOVE you! And I'm THANKFUL for YOU!

I'm Headed to GLAM!

And I couldn't be more excited! It should be a super fun and fabulous trip with my Mom! I'll post some pics to our Ruby Reds Page...

Speaking of....I'd love your help with the page while I'm gone. Isn't the Little Tory Cosmetics Pouch ADORABLE? I'm giving it to one of YOU when I get back.

Here's how to play...
(and this email has only been sent to a select group of tenured first line stylists).

Post inspirational things, kudos, challenges, ideas on our team page while I'm gone...and you're entered to win it! I'll send out a fun video just for you when I get back...announcing the winner!

I appreciate everything all of YOU do for our team. I couldn't do this business without you. I feel like I've been spread so thin in 2013.....and I want you to know that if you ever feel like I'm not giving you enough attention.... CALL ME!! Seriously!

I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Go make it happen! And thank you in advance for your help with our team page!

xoxo - Tara