East Campus Library


East Campus Library and Learning Center

The EAST CAMPUS LIBRARY AND LEARNING CENTER is located in the Library Student Center (LSC). It is one of FIVE libraries serving Pima Community College (PCC). There are libraries at the Desert Vista, Downtown, Northwest, and West Campuses.

In addition to our physical holdings, your virtual library offers ARTICLE DATABASES, ENCYCLOPEDIAS AND REFERENCE, and STREAMING VIDEO collections.

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Your Library Can Purchase Instructional Materials

The library can purchase many INSTRUCTIONAL materials. Call 7693 and ask or email Chuck (cbecker@pima.edu) or Alexis (akopkowski@pima.edu). You can email our entire crew too - eclibrary@pima.edu. Our main requirement is that you use the materials we purchase.

Currently the library instructional materials such as...

  • Brain Model Kits for Psychology
  • A Skull Cabinet for Anthropology (or Halloween)
  • Personal Whiteboard kits
  • Games
  • Globes and Maps
  • Geoboards

Need a few copies of a book for a common read? Have a reading list? That is our specialty. Just stop by and hand it off or email us your reading list.

What Can Your Library Do For You...

As Faculty You Can

  • Place Course Materials and Textbooks on Reserve
    (call 206-7693, email eclibrary@pima.edu)
  • Use Interlibrary Loan to get materials not locally available
    (call 206-7693, email eclibrary@pima.edu)

Have librarians

  • Purchase library materials for your courses
  • Teach research, information literacy, information evaluation (fake news), google skills, citation, and many other information and research related classes
  • Consult on research, bibliographic, and instructional technology tools
  • Create Library Guides (https:\\libguides.pima.edu)
  • Create streaming video guides
  • Embed in your class to help with pesky research related questions
  • Help you design information and research skill components traditional or online course


East Campus Library Hours

Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Friday - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday - 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Closed on Pima College Holidays

From Left to right - Emily Jacobson, Alexis Kopkowski, Chuck Becker, Kyle Williamson, and Mabel Ersch...

The TECH CORNER is in the Library

Tech Corner provides on-campus teach support for the personal tech equipment (computers, phones, tablets) of students and employees of Pima College.

It is open during the semester Monday - Thursday from 10:00 - 4:00.

Ways to Include Research Instruction Into Your Classroom

If you are going to assign an undergraduate research in your class that requires the critical analysis of information from academic sources, it is always best to invite a librarian in for a research instruction session.

There are many ways to include research instruction into your classroom or course.

  • LIBRARY OVERVIEW (5 -15 min)
    A librarian or library specialist briefly tells and shows your class library resources available
  • LIBRARY TOUR (15-45 minutes)
    Bring your students to the East Campus and Library Learning Center for an on hands tour of the Library. Great for students who are going to use the library’s book collections. Ask us to make a Scavenger Hunt! A Scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to introduce students to navigating the library and locating and checking out materials.
  • DATABASE OVERVIEW (15-30 min)
    A librarian demonstrates a particular database that students need to use for an assignment in your class. Great for showing students how to use the colleges Streaming Media Databases, Reference Library, or eBooks.
  • RESEARCH INSTRUCTION (One class period)
    If your students are doing undergraduate research that includes academic and scholarly sources, then they should be introduced to the library research databases. At East, research instruction is a hands-on learner centered activity. We work with you to create a custom session geared to the assignment.
    (Skill Building sessions over two or more class periods)
    A librarian can come to a number of classes to teach a particular skill in each class that moves your students toward a stronger understanding of scholarly research skills. This works well with thesis generation, citation methods, and the evaluating information.
  • CHECK with a Librarian
    You can assign you students a task that requires them to meet with a librarian. This is a great way to get your students into the physical library. We can help you create a relevant assignment for them to be visiting the library.