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A Pep Talk for Teachers & Students

Last week I shared a Kid President video with you just for fun. Here is one more I wanted to share. This might be a good one for you to share with your students.

"It's time to be more awesome."

"What are you teaching the world? You're teaching the world what it looks like to be awesome."

"No matter who you are, someone is learning from you."


Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

Faculty Meeting

There will be a faculty meeting on Tuesday morning, April 26, in the library. We will start promptly at 8:00 am, and there will be a sign-in sheet. Please be sure you sign in. We will be giving you an overview of the new teacher evaluation system that begins next school year, TTESS. If you are unable to attend, you will be required to attend a make-up session in the coming days.


  • If you have not signed up for your summative with your evaluator, please do so asap.
  • If you are on PDAS, please be sure that you have completed sections II and III of the Teacher Self-Report by this time. Of course, section I should also be complete from the beginning of the year.
  • Be sure you sign your summative and return it to your evaluator after your summative.
  • Register for summer professional learning asap before it fills up.

Administrative Assistants Week

This week is Administrative Assistants Week! Please take a moment to let Jae, Rhonda, Lisa, Raquel and Trisha know how much you appreciate all they do for all of us. We couldn't ask for a more positive, hard working team! They are outstanding, and it is a true blessing to have each of them on our Cain team!

Kagan Structures to Use (From Ch. 6)

  • Start with a simple teambuilding struture such as Timed RoundRobin. See chapter 10 for ideas. Remember to do two teambuilders each week. Experiment with the RoundRobin Variation. Try all four!

  • Teach either StandUp-Handup-PairUp or Mix-Pair-Share for classbuilding. Remember to do at least one classbuilder each week.
  • For academic content, use Timed Pair Share or RallyRobin. Both of these are used with the classbuilders so it will be easy.
  • Stretch yourself and use RallyCoach during guided practice for tasks that require a procedure.
  • Contnue to add new structures to your toolbox such as Quiz-Quiz-Trade to review facts and information if you haven't tried that one yet.

"It's A Big, Bright Beautiful World" at CMS!

The CMS Fine Arts Department has combined their artistic talents to produce Shrek, Jr. Students from all CMS Fine Arts groups will be participating. Performances are May 5th and 6th at 7pm and May 7th at 2pm in the CMS Cafetorium.Tickets are $5 for Students and $8 for Adults. Children under 5 are free. The house opens thirty minutes before curtain with tickets sold at the door. Please consider joining us for one of these performances. You will be so glad you did!

Your Turn!

We wanted to provide a place for you to anonymously make suggestions, ask questions, offer feedback, etc. Consider it like the old fashioned suggestion box. As things come up throughout the year, feel free to enter feedback through this Google form.

Upcoming Events

#risdchat EVERY Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm. Join us! It is so fun to learn and grow with colleagues across our great district. I saw Brandy Clifton, Cheryl Kelly and Melanie Acker on there this week!!

April 26 - Faculty Meeting in the library at 8:00 am

May 2 - Algebra 1 EOC

May 5, 6 - Shrek, Jr. presented by the Fine Arts Department, 7:00 pm each night

May 7 - Shrek, Jr. @ 2:00 pm

May 9 - STAAR - 7th math & 8th math retest

May 10 - STAAR - 7th reading & 8th reading retest

May 11 - STAAR - 8th science

May 12 - STAAR - 8th history

May 17 - 7th grade awards (by invitation) - 9:30 am

May 17 - 8th grade awards (by invitation) - 2:00 pm

May 26, 27, & 30 - Student & Staff Holidays (provided there are no inclement weather days between now and May 26)

May 31- June 3 - Final exams (Exams will not be administered early.)

June 3 - Last Day of School

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