By: Andrew, Garratt, Jakob, and Noah

Welcome to our WIZARD ISLAND!

Come to the magical and magnificent WIZARD ISLAND. You can do some experiences with mystical potions at Superstishous Potions. We have modern tools here to do all the work you have to do. You can take a ride on the train of wisdom where you have fantastic sights of giant waterfalls. You can even ride over fabulous waterfalls and glance at the magical waves of the stream down below. There is a bunch of fasinating stores like Jose's Apples, $1, Wisdonna, and Thrift Shop. There are villages where you can stay for $1,000 for how long you stay. You can even stay there for ever and pay no more. There are 4 beautiful beaches on the coasts' in the Pacific Ocean. There are 4 swirly whirlpools on the 4 sides of the island. As you can see there are lots of things to do and it is a fantistic trip. Plus it is in the middle of the ocean convieniently located at 20S 180W.
Florida Beach Vacation at TradeWinds Island Resorts

Jakob, Garratt, Andrew, Noah