Ms. Lewis' October Update!

October 17, 2016

Important Dates

10/19 ~ KSS 7 & Problem Puzzler 5 due

10/24- Late work for Quarter Due

10/25- KSS 8 (Review Hw due 1 day early due to testing)

10/25 ~ Reading EOQ

10/26 ~ Math EOQ

10/27- End of Quarter Celebration(Sign up to help below)

10/28 ~ Field Trip To Asheboro Zoo(Snacks will be provided) Send bag lunches

10/28 ~ End of Quarter

This Week

MATH: We will be reviewing for our EOQ and beginning some Fall Review Stations in Math!

See this sign up to help with a few items for our celebration and our math stations for later this week and October 27th.

Our standards students need to review the most are;

NBT 1: Investigating Powers of Ten as it relates to multiplication, division, and number forms.

NBT 3: Rounding numbers to the millions

Oa4: Prime and Composite Numbers and Multiples!

-Students will have a Math quiz on Primes, Composites, and Multiples in class On Wednesday. 10/19.

-We will begin our Review Smore in Learn in class on Wednesday working on these 3 skills. There will be videos as well as a game to practice each objective taught this quarter on the review smore.

Science-Students will be completing Moon Tic-Tac-Toe this week!

We tried out a new Science tool in Mystery Science and Read "The Moon Book" by Gail Gibbons. Students have had a great time discussing and creating I movies about what they are learning.

Students have learned two new graphic organizers for Non-fiction text(The 4321 chart as well as double bubble map) in science.

All work for Moon Tic-Tac-Toe should be dropboxed by Friday, October 21st.

Homework Announcement

1.KSS 8 for this week is a little longer, but there is no new problem puzzler.

We will be reviewing in class.

I tried to create ? similar to those missed on homework and in class for extra practice.


2.The KSS 8 is due on Tuesday October 25th!

No Problem puzzler next week!

3. No homework will be given From Wednesday-26th due to the Field Trip and the Break!

We will resume HOmework on Wed November 2nd!

Parent Conferences!

At the beginning of November, we will have individual parent conferences. Please visit this sign-up genius to sign-up for a time! :)

Fall Stations & End of Quarter Celebration(This Friday October 21 & Oct 27th)

Dropboxing & Late work

Ms. Izzo and I will be sending home a letter about Dropbox and late work!

Students need to check grade reports and turn in any assignments with a zero by 10/24!

Review Sites and Links


This is a great site we have used in class for students to practice their factors and see if numbers are prime and composite!

Seive of Eratosthenes

The Students really enjoyed the interactive Seive to work on Multiples.

Today we are going up above 100 and solving word problems with multiples! Of course we are relating to bugs again!

This is a great practice tool for home!

In the Spot light!

Some of our students have been working hard at home on Prodigy!

Congrats to these Gold, Silver, and Bronze students!

I have loaded a few review assignments for students for these two review weeks.

These students have been working super hard. Awesome job to all who have tried it.

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