Hamlet Final Assignment


Choose one of the following activities to complete as your final assignment for Hamlet. The activity must be completed by the end of class today and will count as a test grade. Once you have chosen which activity to complete, please fill out the Google form linked at the end of this document.

Option 1: The Play's the Thing

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Hamlet is a play, and therefore meant to be performed. For this activity, you and a group of your classmates will choose one important scene from Hamlet and act it out for the class. If you choose this option, every person in the group must have a speaking role, so choose your scene accordingly. You will use class time to prepare and practice. Think about how you want to stage the scene, where and if the characters should move, what inflections and emotions should be present, etc. Any props you can include would add to the authenticity and believability of your performance. You must perform your scene for the class before the end of the block.

Option 2: To be or not to be

There have been many different adaptations of Hamlet over the years. Below are three different movie versions of the famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy. Watch each version. Think about the delivery, the emotion of the actor delivering the speech, and which version you think is most affective. Compose an essay discussing your findings. Write about the notable differences in each actor's delivery and which version you felt had the most impact and why. Remember, this is an academic essay, so be sure to support your claims with specific references to the videos. Compose this essay in Google Docs. Length requirements: CP: 1pg double-spaced; Honors: 2pgs double-spaced.
To Be or Not To Be - Hamlet (3/10) Movie CLIP (1990) HD
To be or not to be - Kenneth Branagh HD (HAMLET)
Olivier's Hamlet film (1948): To Be Or Not To Be soliloquy

Option 3: Though This be Madness There is Method in it

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For this activity, you will choose one important scene from Hamlet to modernize and recreate in comic book/ graphic novel form. Your comic/ graphic novel should depict the entire scene and show an understanding of the characters, actions, and plot of the scene and how it connects to the overall play. To turn in, print out, e-mail, or share the comic with me.

Option 4: Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

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For this activity, you will contemplate what happens to Denmark after the play ends. At the end of the play, the royal family is dead and Fortinbras of Norway has taken control of Denmark. Write/ create a fictional piece that discusses what happens to Denmark and the surviving characters after (either immediately or in the near future) the bloody end of the play. You may choose any genre to use (ie play, novel, short story, poem), however your piece should be at least 2pgs, double-spaced. Compose in Google Drive and share with me before the end of class.

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