Andrew Jackson

He is a zero, not a hero!

Three reasons Andrew Jackson is a zero:

1. Andrew Jackson was a zero because he forced all the Cherokee Indians out of their native home, leading to the "Trail of Tears". The Trail of Tears was a sad and cold time where thousands of natives went to go to Oklahoma and 25% of the natives died because of disease and starvation.

2. Andrew Jackson threatened to hang John C. Calhoun because South Carolina refused to pay tariffs. Also, South Carolina wanted to secede from the Union if the Federal government wanted to collect tariffs. Andrew Jackson did not care, he would have told them to get out anyway. Jackson was going to send the army to hang Calhoun. In the end, Congress passed a force bill that had South Carolina stay in the Union.

3. Andrew Jackson overused his presidential power (tyranny), by using vetoes a lot. He used his power to completely conquer the enemy. The natives were brutally murdering innocent pioneers. When he heard about it, he wanted to stop the war between the Natives and Pioneers. But, the Trail of Tears was the worst thing he used his power for. He showed no mercy for the Natives. A good president would not jeopardize the lives of innocent people and wanted to be the center of the government.

Three pictures that match the reasons above:

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency
Big image
This Cartoon shows that Andrew Jackson is using the Indian Removal act by taking the Cherokee's native land. The big body shows the big Cherokee nation. The small people are Jackson's supporters of taking the Cherokee out.