House Of Hades

by Rick Riordian Book Report by Kate Barnard

House of Hades is about 8 teenagers named Piper, Jason, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Percy, Annabeth and Nico, who are all going on a quest to stop the giants and Gaea,the earth God, (who is literately the earth) from taking over the world. Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite,the God of love and beauty. Piper posses the knife, Katopris.If you look into the blade,you can see the future.Jason is the son of Zeus,the God of the sky and the king of the Gods. Jason is a great leader and is Piper's boyfriend, and he has a scar on his upper lip.Leo is the son of Hephaestus,the God of fire and blacksmiths.Leo is the designer, mechanic, and builder of the Argo ll,the ship that all seven of the demigods live.He also has the power to light his hands on fire.Also, he is completely fire proof! Frank is the son of Ares, the God of war and he has the power to turn into just about any animal you can think of! Hazel is the daughter of Hades, the God of death and riches. Hazel has the power to pull any kind of riches from the ground, such as gold and diamonds. Hazel also owns a horse named Arion, the fastest horse in the world. Percy is the son Poseidon, the God of the sea.Percy has the power to control water and talk to horses he is also Annabeth's boyfriend. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom,war and useful arts. Annabeth is smart and she is really good at battle strategy, just like her mom. Nico is also a child of Hades and is very moody. He is not part of the prophecy of the seven,but he plays a very important role in the House of Hades. The book takes place in the 21st century and the setting switches from Tarterus to the modern world.
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Bob the Titan and Small Bob

This a picture of Bob the Titan and Small Bob.Bob the Titan helps guide and rescue Percy and Annabeth as they make their way through Tartarus to shut the Doors of Death. Small Bob is Bob the Titan's cat that they find while they are searching for the Doors of Death.When they finally find the Doors of Death, Small Bob turns into a saber tooth tiger and fends off the monsters as Percy and Annabeth ride the elevator to the modern world where they meet up with Leo, Jason, Hazel, Frank and Piper and defeat Pasiphaë.
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River Phlegethon

This picture reminds me of the River Phlegethon. When Percy and Annabeth get into Tartarus, they have to drink the fire water in the river so that they can be healed from the wounds of their fall.
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Katoblebs are huge dogs with poisonous breath.One of them breathes in Hazel's face, making her pass out and get really sick when they stop in Venice.They go to the only God that could possibly heal her,Triptolemus, the god of farming.But, he makes Frank go on some kind of quest to have him heal her, so he goes and kills off every single Katoblep in the city. Once Triptolemus heals Hazel, they go on to find the Doors of Death.
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Hazel meets Hecate in the very beginning of the book when she sees her horse,Arion. They go to this mountain where Hecate is performing her magic. When she sees Hazel she tells her that she is going to have learn how to control the mist,a magical veil that separates the mortal world from the things that demigods and gods can see that are magical, to save all her friends in the last battle. She ends up learning how to control the mist and saves her friends.