Blindness is a serious disability.

Sommer Stewart

What causes blindness?

  • Blindess can be caused by somones eye shape changing, their lens could be clouded, or the optic nerve could be damaged.

How does it affect somone's body and mind?

  • A blind persons mind and brain must adapt to the loss of their eyesight.
  • Their body can still function but it's a lot more difficult this way.

Can it be cured, or are their treatments that help alleviate the symptoms?

  • It can not be cured
  • People who are legally blind could get eye surgery to help them see better than they could before.

What sort of adaptations/changes can be made to the enviroment to help someone with this disability?

  • They can have more dogs helping the blind.
  • There could be more jobs for blind people.
  • We could also offer more help to them.

What recent strides have been made in the research and awareness of this disability?

  • There is new and improved technonly.
  • Blind people will have better access to graphics.
  • Schools and community centers are making this disability more known.

Give an interesting fact about this disbility.

  • In the army they once used colorblind people to see camoflage colors that people with normal vision would have never seen.

Give names of websites you used.

  • Kids Health
  • National Fye Institute
  • Fact Encyclopedia