Plastic Surgery

Gift Azunna and Amari Taylor


Why do people get plastic surgery? People get plastic surgery because they feel like there not perfect, which persuades them to change their facial structures. If people feel the need to change the way they look because a guy won't except them for who they are, then that means that you don't need to be with them.

Do you know what plastic surgery does to your skin???

  • Plastic Surgery makes your skin look horrible.. If you notice before and after pictures of plastic surgery you ALWAYS look better before you get plastic surgery, so except the way you look don't let anyone tell you different.


1. The word ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery is derived from the Greek word ‘plastikos’. Plastikos means molding or giving form. Hence, the belief that that plastic surgery is an artificial one is just a misconception.

  • People get plastic surgery to get 6 and 8 packs to impress people
  • The first breast augmentation surgery took place in Germany in 1893
  • In the 1960s, silicone breast implants became popular. However, side effects included breast amputation due to infection and “pendulous” breasts by the age of forty.
  • In 1998, President Bill Clinton signed a bill requiring insurance companies to pay for reconstructive breast surgery for women who had a mastectomy.

Positives and negatives about plastic surgery..

-the bigger the procedure the higher the risk of complications

-once you get plastic surgery you have to plan time off to get comfortable and getting used to be seen in public