The dangers of drinking!

What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is a type of drug that slows down vital functions, such as bad speech, unstable movement, or make a person unable to react to a situation quickly. It makes the human mind not able to think intelligently.

Why drink Alchohol?

For most people, the drink helps them "relax" and forget about any problems happening around them. For others, it's a sign of being popular around others. Mostly underage drinkers are getting peer pressured by their peers around them. Drinking for the underage people can get them drunk and do insanely unintelligently choices

Underage Drinking!

Underage drinking is common in the generation with high school and college students. Many students does not realize the affects it can bring to family and friends. Underage drinking can include:


-Brain Development problems


Many ages under 15 still drink and can cause problems for their life in school.