Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller

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Friday's Meeting-
A few reminders for Friday's meeting...
1. Bring a charged laptop
2. We are having a potluck (breakfast/dessert). Please bring something to contribute. Stephanie and I will provide paper products and drinks.

Newsletters for December-
As you prepare your Newsletters for December, please include information that Enrollment for 2015-2016 Preschool will start in January. Applications will be accepted from Jan. 4th-Jan. 29th. Students will be chosen through a lottery system. More information will be sent home, including applications in December! Our parent information night will be on January 20th.

Literacy Night-
If you helped with Literacy Night and haven't taken your flex time, please plan to do so after our meeting on Friday! Thank you!

Weekly Schedule:

Kelly at Creekside & Shawnee
Liberty transition pre-planning meetings with Stephanie (a.m.)
Shawnee transition pre-planning meetings with Stephanie (p.m.)

Kelly at Creekside & Liberty
Stephanie at Creekside and Liberty

Kelly at Creekside
Stephanie at Creekside & Liberty

All Staff Meeting 8-12pm (BCESC, room B)
Resident Educator Meeting (BCESC) at 2:00pm
**All calendars, Request for Leave, Time Sheets and Head Start Time Sheet due!**
(Please be sure to complete these correctly. You have all "NC" days, unless you are a LT, AT, IA, which you will record Thanksgiving Day as a Holiday and the appropriate # in your sequence. Please ask if you have questions!)



Floating AT- Cynthia Meadows
Gina Frankenfield- no coverage needed
Teresa Voris- no coverage needed

Floating AT- Jennifer Hobbs
Floating IA- Brandi Singh
Jennifer Perry- transition pre-planning meetings coverage (a.m.)
Kim Baker- Mara Murphy (a.m. only)
Candie Bower- no coverage needed

Sylvia Miner- transition pre-planning meetings coverage (p.m.)



Photos & Biography-
I'm loving getting to know you and your family better. Please keep sending your photos and biography for our staff meeting. I plan on finalizing the video by Wednesday, Nov. 18th, so please submit by then! Thanks in advance!

Open Enrollment-
Open enrollment has begun for employees that have insurance through BCESC. It closes November 23rd.