Forget the Monarch

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President Harrison, President Cleveland and Minister John Stevens played an important role in the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893.

Significance of the Overthrow

The various United States administrators and Minister John Stevens played a crucial role of the United States government in the overthrow on January 1893. The history of Hawaii teaches a uncommonly described way that is incomparable to other forms of teaching. The annexation of Hawaii impacts today's lifestyle of Hawaii. The islands of Hawaii have more security, stronger alliances, joined independence, more power, stronger economy, and better civilization. Agriculturally, Hawaii is located in the most fertile area in the world-- having a perfect climate, sugar and coffee production. In cases of war, United States Western Coast would be safe from attack from any country.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully A State of the Union?

I think Hawaii is broadly accepted as a state of the Union. The reason why I say "broadly" is because Hawaii still has laws under the Constitution (e.g. regarding rules that prohibit abortion, academic standards, etc.) to follow. Also, the quality treatment the United States gives to Hawaii is greater than international countries however less than some states. I think this is because Hawaii was forced to be annexed for its location and resources; neglecting and disrespecting its origin-- the Hawaiians.

Moreover, it is legally a state of the Union because it does not have its own monarch, like I said the United States has its territory on the islands. It does not have independence and freedom like back then (before it was annexed and dominated by foreigners).

Adding onto being lawfully, it somewhat is. The Hawaiians do have more respect comparing to before (High school just for Hawaiians-- King Kamehameha school, scholarships for having Hawaiian ancestor, basically giving back to the Hawaiians for what the United States have done.

Overall I think Hawaii is legally and lawfully a state of the Union, even though there were many issues back then, Hawaii is considered territory under the United States; sadly for the Hawaiians but it is considered independent United Nations states.

Lili'uokalani-- Hawaii's Last Queen

Below is a video that shows a brief documentary on the last reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It also shows what Queen Lili'uokalani tried to do in order for the Hawaiian Kingdom to be left independent.
Lili'uokalani -- Hawaii's Last Queen (documentary excerpt)