Media Center-Classroom Connection

Informational Text Resource

Odyssey- Adventuires in Science

August 2013: (Great Issue for Technology)

  • Inside Scoop on NASCAR
  • Fast...Furious and just 15!
  • How to Build a Racecar

Oct 2013:

  • Ah-ah-ah-choo! Why Snot's not all bad.
  • Making Sense of the Cat vs. dog war
  • Wondering what your pet is saying?

Nov 2013: (Great Issue for technology)

  • Spy Secrets; Gasdgets and gear
  • How observant are you?
  • You are being watched

Muse: Life, the universe, and pie throwing

July/August 2013

  • Finding Fake
  • Sweet nothings
  • The camera does lie

September 2013

  • Head Games
  • Inside the Minds of Muse Readers
  • Your mouth: a user's guide
  • Fish with smarts
  • Which part of my head is the funny bones?
  • Guess the Guts (Great activity for Science)

Calliope - Exploring World History

July/August 2013:

Ancient Greek Seas when gods walked on Earth (Great for ELA on mythology)

  • A ship that talks
  • Outwitting a dragon
  • Jason and the argonauts

September 2013:

Hills are alive from ancient tones to ipods (Great for music with connective knowledge in History)

  • Press Play-The power of music

October 2013:

Valley of the kings in the time of papyrus, not ipads (Great issue for Social Studies)

  • The Real King Tut!
  • How the boy king died?
  • Tut's widow seeks a husband
  • Tut's Curse is it true?
  • Opening his tomb

November/December 2013:

No boundary limits here since humans sought shelter - Let's Build!

  • Createyour Dream Building
  • Which innovations mattered most
  • Why buildings cause contoversy
  • How shape determines design? ( Great for Art)

Cobblestone: Discover America History

July/August 2013

The Great American Road Trip

  • Route 66: America's Main Street
  • Billboards and Neon Signs
  • Scenic Drives
  • Get your game on!
  • A Road Trip Story (Great for ELA)

October 2013

Valley Forge: The Real Story

  • How Bad was it?
  • Steuben Takes Charge
  • Discoveries in the dirt

November/December 2013

Plantation Life

  • People as property
  • Growing up
  • Meet Eve
  • Meet James Southall
  • Classic Recipes (Great for ELA)