You can have fun all day long!


  • In Mohenjo-daro you will be glad to know that there is clean fresh water from your own private well!
  • The houses you stay in are made out of baked bricks, with two floors in the house for many people.
  • When you book your house you will find out that there is a specific room for everyone to bath in.
  • When you arrive it will be very peaceful in our village.



  • We have many restaurants that offer fruits, wild berries, meat, and fish.
  • Our restaurants have a variety of food for all three meals a day.
  • Dates are what we feature for breakfast.
  • During lunch you will have a choice of either grapes or melon.
  • As you are winding down for the night you can enjoy a fine dinner of barley, peas, or wine.


To get to Mohenjo-daro you would have to go to the right bank of the Indus River. You can leave your camel at the river, because you will not not need it in the city. If you are coming from the west you will have to go through the Hindu Kush. But if you are coming from the east you will have to pass through the Himalayas.