Web Tools

that actually work


This site allows you to take a single picture and use it as a backdrop for various links and information. You can link in videos, websites and even write your own text as you highlight areas of your picture. It is very easy to use. Have a look at my Shark Page.


This site lets you build quizzes into existing YouTube videos. Search their collection of videos or import your own. Add your own narrations, audio clips, multiple choice and open ended questions. Have a look at the quiz based on my typical day.


It doesn't get much easier than this. Just find your pictures, highlight what you want and record your sound.


A great site that can be used to create and narrate presentations or to update old PowerPoints. You can even highlight as you go. The first five are free. NJEA is all over VoiceThread.


My favorite site for making "stuff". You can make trading cards, puzzles, movie posters, magazine covers, etc. There is no registration process and it's really fast.


A bit tricky to learn, but a pretty cool animator that can breathe life into a short presentation, "Back to School Night", online assignments, and lots of other stuff. If they improve the audio, it will be great.


A great free site to make podcasts with. Just call the number, enter your code, and speak. The site records the call/podcast and gives you a URL to share or embed.


Easy to use site that will shorten up any URL and provide analytics and give you a QR code. Great when you find a site at the last minute, or when you get tired of the kids telling you that the site doesn't work.


Creates QR codes and provides analytics to see who is looking at the site. You get 25 for free. A great way to quickly give kids some reference material they can get on their phones.


It's like pinterest for educators. It's a visual bookmarking tool that can be loaded in your browser or used independently. You can create digital portfolios or individual clipboards based on whatever topic you choose.


Takes any picture and turns it into a poster puzzle that can be up to 10 feet long. Just make sure that whatever you use doesn't get too pixelated or this guy will hit you with a hammer.


This one is real simple. Go to the site and drag a tab up into your browser. This site lets you watch YouTube videos without all of the junk (sometimes objectionable) that surrounds most videos.


This one cost some bucks, but it not only lets you create any kind of comic in the world, but it has an educator feature that let's you create and share assignments as you would in MyBigCampus. You can add sound and photos too. There are also tons of subject-specific comics with assignments and rubrics attached for you. It's so easy, even guys like me can make a comic.


This is a nice and easy site that basically makes a Jeopardy game. Nothing fancy, but sometimes that is good, especially for exam reviews.


A pretty cool site that lets you turn any pdf document into a magazine style flipbook. It even makes the sound of a flipped page as if it were a book. Very easy to use and looks great. Works for PC and all cell phones too.

When in Doubt, Go Here

Kathy Schrock is my professor and knows more about these things than anybody. Here's a list of sites she recently gave me.