Help Wanted- Federal Court Systems

Morgan Benford

We Need Your Help!

Do you get tired of the way the court systems treat the American people? Do you feel like you can shake this country up if you worked in these murky waters? Well if so you've come to the right place! Per Mr. President Barack Obama we unfortunately have to get rid of all of our staff and start over fresh to better suit this democracy! The positions are as follows:

  • Us Marshall (Protection for the Courts)
  • US Attorney (Investigate and Defend)
  • Magistrate Judge (Negotiations)
Now, you have to have thick skin because you will have to hand out life terms for someone to go to prison but look on the bright side- the precedent crime could have endangered many people. something you will maybe frequently or less frequently see is cases being remanded. Taking upon these jobs you will have to reconfigure all of the circuits that are already into effect so that the USA has the highest civilian to judge ratio with less civilians to more judges! As a judge you will have to express your written opinion very frequently. Many cases if not all of the cases will need your opinion. You have the district court at the state level to handle general cases and if you have major cases they will be passed up to your level-federal. The appellate courts will hear the appeals on cases that have been heard on the trial level or in another lower level of the court system. The court of appeals is your last resort court; an intermediate between the trial courts. You want to have as much original jurisdiction as possible because you wan the chance to review the case before the appellate court does. Your jurisdiction is your superpower, Become a superhero with all that you have learned! If you are interested in making a brighter future for America's tomorrow call 1-888-87GOUSA

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