4.5- Wood Alcohol and Grain Alcohol

Differences and Uses

Wood Alcohol

Methanol (poisonous)

Ancient Egyptians used it for embalming and corpses

Today's uses include:





Grain Alcohol

Ethanol (consumable)

Today's uses include:

-fermentation: the process of sugars breading down into ethanol and carbon dioxide. This process happen with no oxygen. It's called an anaerobic process (lacking oxygen).

-alcoholic beverages




Our Lab Alcohol Burners


DENATURED: natural properties are changed. Can no longer be used for human consumption.

ETHYL: mix of ethanol and methanol

-the methanol adds color to the flame because ethanol burns clear.

All Grain Alcohol Have The Same Characteristics. It's The Same With Wood Alcohol.

Alcohol absorbs water from the air (hydrotropic). Make sure to always keep a lid on an alcohol burner.