guide to the english languge

before William the conquer and his men invaded ( and took over) in 1066 the people of England spoke a language called old English. this was a mixture of different languages taken from the various people who invaded England over the years. influences in old English.

in 1066

in 1066 William the conquer brought the french language to England and king Harold the man he had killed at hasting was the important people William brought the french the king himself the queen the barons their wife and children

morden english

morden english came in 1400. morden english is less confusing words and english and french.

different words in languges

abaric-adramil sofa shushi

words shakespear made

bubble, bump, bet,caked, bandit

words that young people use today that old people may not know

lol, swag, yolo, omg,