Overpopulation in Dogs and Cats

Tori Stedman

The big picture

Dogs and Cats everywhere are being abandoned of "put down" just because the owner doesn't want them anymore. They are being put in shelters and most places do not have enough space or resources to take care of all the animals that come through


  • 70 million stray cats in America
  • 13,600 animals shelters
  • 7.6 million pets are placed in shelters
  • 2.7 million are euthanized
  • 31% of dogs in shelters are euthanized
  • 41% of cats in shelters are euthanized


Importance on spaying and Neutering

It is important to get your animals spayed and neutered because a large percent of dogs and cats get put down only due to over population. This is can be prevented by having your animals "fixed". It will keep more animals out of shelters and less healthy animals being put down.


The main solution to over population is spaying and neutering your animals. Yet there is another solution. Instead of people abandoning their animals or just having them put down because you have to many you could try giving it to a loving family. By creating a non-profit organization helping people find homes for their unwanted pets.