Wildcat Roar

May 8, 2022


New Wildcats in the House!

What is Baccalaureate?

A Baccalaureate service is held each year by the Slater Ministerial Alliance to honor and celebrate the graduating Seniors. This year, the event will take place on Sunday, May 8 at the Life Church at 6:00 pm.

Attendance is not mandatory, but is strongly suggested - this is something that the community comes together to provide for our students as a way to wish them well. These are the same people that sat in the rain to watch outdoor sports, packed the gym (and even wore masks to do so), attended the 7:00 am send offs, and are donating their own money to fund local scholarships. I'm encouraging you to show your thanks by attending this hour-long event.

Those attending should arrive by 5:45 pm and should wear your cap and gown. You will sit together as a class with a formal processional and recessional.

Let me know what questions you have.

Dear Graduate,

I'm going to revamp the bulletin board outside of my office this week. It will be called, "Dear Graduate," You can leave (appropriate) notes for our graduating Seniors on it using note cards I'll have on the board as well.

If you're ready to write your note before the board is ready, you can drop your note off in my office. (And if you need an index card, I'll have them on my table.)

On Deck

There will be a Softball Meeting for any girl who is interested in playing who is currently in 8th grade to 11th grade next Wednesday (5/11) during WIP/Zero Hour.


Coach Senor

Exit Plan

This week is the last week for the Seniors. (Sniff, sniff.)

Here's our game plan:

TBA: Wildcat Walk (?)


8:15 - 9:30 am: Graduation Practice (Seniors, Band students)

9:30(ish): Brunch

10:15 am: J Clem/Seniors have exit discussion

11:44 am: Lunch

12:30 pm: Pop Assembly

2:00(ish): Senior Send Off


8:15 am: Graduation pics with LeeStudio

10:15 am: Baseball leaves for Harrisburg

12:00 pm: Varsity Baseball v. Salisbury

6:30 pm: Seniors to Library

7:00 pm: Graduation

Post-Graduation: Meet at Concession Stand to collect diplomas, return Life Academy cords

Seniors/families may purchase pictures from LeeStudio. For Friday pictures, please wear your cap/gown, nice clothes, nice shoes. You may hang your cap/gown in the Library afterwards if you wish. It's $20 for two 5x7s and eight wallets. Add $5 if you want a copy of the group photo as well. Ms. Barb has envelopes in her office. You don't have to purchase a package, but everyone will take a photo.

Wednesday, May 11 is School Nurse Appreciation Day - Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Mullins!

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Do You Need New Threads?

Hey all you Wildcat Fans, need some new gear while you’re cheering in the stands?

Check out our FanCloth shop to get you ready for the upcoming sports seasons!

All purchases made will support the Lady Wildcat Basketball Program!

'Tis the Season!

Please join us to celebrate our students at the following graduation events:

  • High School Graduation-- Friday, May 13 at 7:00 pm
  • Preschool Graduation-- Monday, May 16 at 6:30 pm
  • 8th grade Graduation-- Tuesday, May 17 at 7:00 pm

All events will be held in the high school gym.

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Handbook Highlight

Each week, I'll highlight an entry from the handbook that has come up in the past week or something that will be coming up soon. The handbook is posted on our website, slaterschools.net - and there's a link/button further down the newsletter.

Students must meet all district graduation requirements per BOE policy IKF to graduate. Graduation requirements and grading scales for a student with a disability(ies) may be determined according to the students Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Participation in the commencement ceremony is a privilege and not a right. Students must be in good standing and have no outstanding balance on school accounts to participate in graduation or promotion ceremonies.

Shout Out

What staff member deserves a shout out?

Take a minute to let me know all about it by filling out THIS FORM.

Students, Parents, and Staff can give a shout out to any Slater Schools employee! Check out our Live Feed at slaterschools.net and our social media to see the Staff Shout Outs so far, and thanks to those who have submitted some!


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Use the Time You Have

We've had an increase in vape use lately. Because of this, I've asked teachers to tighten down on letting students out of class to go to the bathroom during class time. If you need to use the restroom, I'd advise you to go between classes.

If you are allowed to go during class time, be prepared to leave your phone with your teacher.

Other measures will be implemented soon, but I want to discuss them with teachers before putting them in place.

Lunch Line Woes

Students, please wait to approach the Grab & Go area until the tray traffic has been through the line.

We have one person recording numbers, and the task is overwhelming in itself. In an effort to ensure that all who want a tray have time to eat it, Mrs. Mullins has asked us to have all students getting a la carte or Grab & Go items to wait until those getting trays have made it through the line.

...and, there's an ice cream purchase limit of one frozen treat per day.

Thank you!

Heads Up

Last week, the HS teachers and I met. We discussed several things, and I shared some expectations for them to share with you. All but one of these topics are existing policies that have been in place all school year.

Beginning Monday, the enforcement of the following topics will be universal throughout the HS:

  • Phones: No phones are to be out once you're in the building, unless it's lunch time. If your phone is out, the following protocol will be applied (this information has been in the WILDCAT ROAR since January, under 'LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK' in Old Business): ...your teacher will have you put your phone in an envelope that you will write your name on. You will then bring it to the HS Office, where the referral will be entered. As you read last week, if it's your first offense you can collect it at the end of the day. If it's your second (or more) offense, a parent/guardian must pick it up from the HS Office. Detentions are assigned from the third offense on.

  • Absences: When you are gone (even if it's for a school trip), it is your responsibility to get the work you missed from your teachers. It is your responsibility to comply with your teachers' policies regarding collecting and turning in work assigned while you were gone. This information has been in the WILDCAT ROAR all school year. You can revisit it under 'SO YOU'RE IN HIGH SCHOOL NOW' in Old Business).

  • Disrespect: One of the HS staff's goals for our students is to make sure that each one of you has the skills to be successful after graduation. Being respectful to others is a critical skill. Besides that, it's what decent humans do - and the adults in the District deserve it. There's no excuse for being disrespectful. Pro tip: If you can't be kind and/or respectful, be quiet.

  • Defiance of Authority/Insubordination: It's March. You know the rules. If you don't follow them, you'll be written up. This goes for many things, including:
    > Hoods - No hoods in the building during school hours.
    > Hats - No hats in the building during school hours.
    > Food in classrooms - Food is ok during WIP time (breakfast in the morning and pre-practice snacks in the afternoon). Beyond these times, it is not okay. Food that is brought into classrooms will be thrown away and you'll be written up.
    > Teacher space - Students are not to be at or behind teachers' desks without the permission of the teacher.

  • (NEW) Air Pods/Ear buds: Beginning Monday, air pods/ear buds are not to be worn except for during lunch. If you would like to listen to music while you work, wait for your teacher to indicate that it's ok. At that point, you may access music on Pandora or Spotify through your Chromebook. This information is also in 'LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK' in Old Business.

We'll review these policies during WIP on Monday. When you arrive, please get your breakfast and report to the gym. You'll have time to get your Chromebooks before you go to your first hour class.

Workin' on your Fitness

The weight room will be open Mondays - Thursdays starting at 3:15 this week.

Anyone can participate, but you must have a current physical on file in the HS Office.

See Coach Benton or Coach Horton for more details.

Louder for the People in the Back

Students, cell phone use is not allowed in the building during school hours - except for lunch. Your phone is not to be out or in use in classrooms or in the hallways. This includes WIP time. If a parent needs to reach you, they may contact the school. We'll get the message to you.

You are able to access SoundCloud, Spotify, and Pandora from your Chromebooks if you want to listen to music while you work. (Wired earbuds are available in the HS Office for $2/pair.)

If you do violate the rule, your teacher will have you put your phone in an envelope that you will write your name on. You will then bring it to the HS Office, where the referral will be entered. As you read last week, if it's your first offense you can collect it at the end of the day. If it's your second (or more) offense, a parent/guardian must pick it up from the HS Office. Detentions are assigned from the third offense on.

Restricted Access

During HS Lunch (11:44 am - 12:08 pm), students are permitted in the Cafeteria ONLY. If you need to use the restroom, use the ones by the cafeteria. Students are not to be in the old building, gym, or gym restrooms prior to 12:08.

The only exception to this is for meetings supervised by staff members.

So, You're in High School Now...

When you miss a day (or more), it is your responsibility to ask each of your teachers for missed work. They have communicated their late work policy with you already. If you're not sure what it is, ask them.

If you don't follow their policy and miss the window to turn work in, it's on you, not them.

Keep in Mind

We love you and miss you when you're gone.


  • When you're sick, please stay home.
  • If you are showing any COVID symptoms, please stay home.
  • If you (or anyone in your household) has been tested for COVID, stay home until you receive a negative result - or clearance to return from the Health Department.

If you will not be at school, we ask that you - or one of your adults - calls the HS Office to let Ms. Barb know by 8:30. The HS Office phone number is 660-529-2278, ext. 107 (Ms. Barb). You can also email Ms. Barb (bohlendorf@slaterschools.net) or me (jclements@slaterschools.net).

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2021-22 Reserved Parking Spots

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Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Click here to see what's for breakfast and lunch this week!

2021-22 School Calendar

Check out what we have planned for this year!

Student/Parent Handbook

Rules, policies, and information for Wildcats and their Adults

Community Resources Available

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Sunday, May 8

6:00 pm - Baccalaureate at Life Church (Seniors arrive by 5:45 pm)

Monday, May 9

TBA - Golf Districts
9:30 am - Admins/Counselors/Burrell Meeting
5:00 pm - Varsity Baseball v. Glasgow

Tuesday, May 10

8:00 am - Senior Grades DUE
5:00 pm - Baseball v. Madison

Wednesday, May 11

School Nurse Appreciation Day
7:50 am - Softball Interest Meeting w/Coach Senor

8:00 am - Admin/Counselor Meeting
5:30 pm - FBLA Banquet
6:00 pm - FFA Banquet

Thursday, May 12

8:15 am - Graduation Practice in Gym
9:30 am - Senior Brunch
10:15 am - Seniors have Exit Meeting with J Clem

12:30 pm - Pop Assembly
2:00 pm - Senior Sendoff

6:00 pm - NHS Induction

Friday, May 13

8:00 am - ALL Grades DUE
8:00 am - LeeStudio takes Senior Graduation pics

12:00 pm - Baseball Districts @Harrisburg (Team dismissed @10, Bus leaves @10:15 am)
6:30 pm - Seniors to Library for Graduation prep

6:45 pm - Staff to Library for Graduation procession

7:00 pm - Graduation

Saturday, May 14
TBA - Track Sectionals

Monday, May 16

9:00 am - 12:00 pm - Wellness Walk

Tuesday, May 17

Wednesday, May 18
11:00 am - HS Awards Assembly

12:08 pm - Dismissal

~ Have a great Summer! ~