Heerrree's ALEKS

Fabulous Features for Fun and Flexibility

Creating a New Class


  • Choose “New Class” in the Instructor Administration tab

  • Select “Create a New Class”

  • Select the ALEKS Course to use

  • Select a Grade Level

  • Name your class

  • Select a start and end date

    • class will be archived after end date

    • students can still access the class and work in it after the end date

  • Choose Subscription Length

  • Add QuickTables (Optional)

  • Click “Create Class Now”

Quick Tables Overview (Optional)


  • Add when you create a new class

  • RTI courses automatically include QuickTables

  • Select the button to include QuickTables

    • Select the range for each operation

    • Select “Not available for student” to exclude that operation

  • Add QuickTables to an existing class

  • Select your class

  • Under QuickTables tab, select “Create a Table”

  • Select the operation and range

  • Assign to all students or select students

  • Click “Save and Activate Table

  • Can assign more than one table - one for each operation

  • Can edit tables by selecting “Edit Tables” on the QuickTables menu

  • Select “Class Settings” on the Quick Tables menu to set

    • time limits for daily practice

    • maximum days per week

    • Recommended - 3 times per week, 15 min. each time

  • Set preferences for game access and retention assessments

  • Select “Student Settings” in QuickTables menu to edit settings for individual students

    • onscreen keypad or timer

    • set time limit student has to answer questions

  • In the QuickTables menu can also

    • request a QuickTables assessment

    • create math fact quizzes/worksheets

    • Reports of student progress

Assignments Overview


  • Select a class and go to the Assignments tab

  • Types of assignments

    • Homework

    • Tests

    • Quizzes

    • Worksheets

  • Creating a Homework

    • Name assignment

    • Select start date and end date

    • Optional

      • set time limit

      • save for later

      • publish to calendar

      • see a “Worked Example”

    • Add content

      • randomly add topics from a pie slice

      • choose your own topics/standards

      • drag and drop questions to add them

        • add multiple questions

        • rearrange order of questions

    • Adjust grade book settings

      • When grade is available to student

      • assign partial credit

      • how many times assignment may be completed

    • Advanced options

      • prevent automatic assessment prior to assignment

      • which students get the assignment

      • whether students have to do the assignment before moving on

    • Grading scale

    • Click Save

  • Assignments List

    • Quickly edit any assignment

    • View status

    • View Assignment Report

Scheduling Assessments (Optional)


Students receive regular progress assessments in ALEKS automatically

  • Select the class

  • Select Assignments tab

  • Click “New Scheduled Assessment”

  • Assign Name

  • Choose Assessment Type

    • Progress assessments - recent work

    • Comprehensive assessments - entire course

  • Advanced Options

    • Prevent Automatic Assessments

    • Assign to class or specific students

    • When students must take the assessment

  • Grading Scale

  • Click Save

Assessment appears on Assignment List

Intro to Reports


  • PIE Chart

    • Class Report

      • Click on each percentage to drill down

      • Click on the subtopic to see exactly which students are in each percentage group

    • Student Report - Use this report with IEP students

  • Time and Topic

    • Class Report

      • How much time each day

      • How many topics attempted

      • How many topics mastered

    • Individual Report - click on student name in the class report

      • Click on date to see learning sequence log

      • which problems attempted

      • result of each attempt

      • whether explain resource was accessed

  • Progress Report

    • Can show

      • Learning Progress Since Latest Assessment

      • Most Recent Assessment

      • Best Performance in Learning Mode Over Time

      • Progress in Assessment Over Time

      • Detailed Progress History

  • Standards Report

    • Good for progress monitoring in relation to standards

    • Break down each topic by standard