By:Bradley,Josiah,and Zach


The Indus river was developed along Asia.The Indus flows through Pakistan and India.The people who lived in these areas were know as the harappans.


Writing was created to communicate and to write business bills.This writing was called Sanskrit.
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Farmers used irrigation systems to provide food surpluses and made canals to keep from flooding the land.They had massive monsoons that from flowed


The caste system is a system that determines what your life is going to be from the moment your born and includes who your going to marry . The ruler was called Rajah. They had a strict system called social classes for rulers in the Caste System.The Sutras listed all the rules for the Caste System .


They created planned cities,metal, created the number zero,they made medicines,statues,Epics,and the largest epic in the world.Epics were big stories about heroes.Planned cities are cities that are made specifically and also have indoor pluming.


They invented Buddhism, and Hinduism.Hinduism is when you believe in many gods. Buddhism you believe in no gods but help people who are suffering.