Education-Engagement Dept.

Weekly Mtg 7-15-2014

Welcome; Day-to-Day

JL welcomed everyone to our first meeting as a team!

Day-to-Day tidbits included a run-through of:

A)Scheduling; Consideration for all staff schedules

B)Proofing text/anything leaving dept

C)K Drive

D)Smore platform for (internal only) department newsletter

Job Description Review/Open Dialogue

Using the Artful Tools "Tuning Protocol," staff began reviewing JR's job description. Notes are on a 3M chart in JL's office.

MW is drafting a job description for herself that we will review next Tuesday.

We will also review JL's job description next week or the week after.

JL will ask Esther to add "AND NEXT" terms into JR's job description in the "best practices" line.

Next Meeting!

Job Description "Tuning"

Cultural Norms

Vision Brainstorming (Keeping an "Eye on our Elements")