Mother Teresa

New Charity Organization!!!

Mother Teresa Helps The Poor

Mother Teresa helped opened the Missionaries of Charity. Today she has more than 200 different operations in over 25 countries. She does everything to help the others around her, from opening a home for abandoned children and orphans to rescuing handicapped children who had been trapped in a war zone. Mother Teresa is very caring. She went to India to help the poorest of poor, who had diseases. She filled the dying poor with love and dignity. Mother Teresa is always helping others.

Mother Teresa Charity Organization

In honer of everything Mother Teresa has done, a charity organization has been named after her. It will open tomorrow with Mother Teresa their herself to open the doors! She has been very diligent to help the others around her.She was caring the whole way. We say thanks to her and hope that others can follow in her footsteps. As Mother Teresa said, "Peace begins with a smile."