New York

We own the slaves

Two different cultures collided

The new colony that changed from New Amsterdam to New York was part Dutch around New York City and along the Hudson river and part English on Long Island where the New England Puritans migrated to.

Work and Be happy!!!!!

I James, the Duke of York convinced Charles to grant me territory in the colony of New Amsterdam. I myself sent some troops to conquer that small colony and I renamed it New York. I have been living here a few years now and I can tell you my lovely New York speaks money and profits. We have continued to function as a commercial port. We are also known as the city with the central position of slavery. Those slaves play an important factor in our local economy. We have the most largest slave population than anyone here up north. In 1665, I gave my colony away to Lord Berkely, and Carteret what is now known as New Jersey. But a couple years my colony wasn't giving me enough profits. The attempts to regulate trade and revenue was not working and it harmed the economy. in 1683, i had to give in in allowing New York have an elective assembly.


Of the People

Barrons AP US History 2nd Edition