Green Screen fun! Create engaging and interactive videos.

What You Need

App: TouchCast app is free! Find lots of Resources at

Green Screen: Make one with a sheet, curtain, paint, butcher paper etc. or buy one.

LimioStudio sells a simple green screen backdrop that includes clips.

Tripod: Helpful to keep the iPad steady. ipow makes a simple and inexpensive iPad tripod mount.

Microphone: Helpful if the room is noisy.

A plan! The recording will be much easier if a storyboard and script are used.

Classroom Uses

  • Newscasts and school announcements
  • Weather forecasts
  • Tutorial videos
  • Reports, biographies, book trailers
  • Showcase learning about a topic
  • Import clips into iMovie or WeVideo for advanced editing

Steps for getting started

Choose a background

Select the photo or video icon and choose a background. You can use TouchCast images or select one from your album, Google Drive, Flickr and more!

Explore more options - vApps!

Video Apps or vApps let you display almost anything as an interactive piece in your video. Choose from a variety of available vApps to add images, videos, web pages, maps, polls etc.


Hit the red button and there will be a countdown from 3 and then recording begins.

Experiment with different effects, try the whiteboard, or add a title!

Another Resource: DoInk Green Screen App

With DoInk, you can capture still photos as well as videos with a green screen. This app costs $2.99.

DoInk Tutorials