By: Jadyn Wenner


Are you worried about Lineville and the many new things that are coming? Are you scared that the rules are different? The lockers? The hallways? Maybe even your schedule? Are you worried about lunch choices or recess? Worry no more!

Lineville's Discipline Rules

Some of the Discipline Rules

Lineville may have different rules for descipline, depending on which school you are coming from. We have minors and majors. For example, if you forget your homework it is a minor. If you forget your homework 3 times, it is a major. Minors are like reminders to say to yourself, "That was the wrong thing to do and I won't do it again." You can get minors for misuse of IPad (playing games), cheating on tests, being late, or saying bad words. Those are just some examples. Now majors, they are different. As you can probably tell, majors stand for a major problem. Like I said, if you forget your homework 3 times it becomes a major problem. But, if you get 3 different minors it isn't a major. A major means you are out of the incentive (I will talk about that soon). It also means that your parents will get a phone call saying what you did. For example, let's say Bob forgets his homework 3 times. He doesn't mind the minors, but then, he gets a phone call home saying that he isn't finishing his homework, and a major.

Other Discipline Rules

Now, let's get to the other discipline rules. There are 3 things that can happen if you don't do your homework. First, you get a noon. You take your lunch and go down to a room, and finish that homework there. You can also choose to go there to get things done. Next, if you forget a few assignments, they are going to assign you a MASH. That is when you stay after school in a room and get the homework done, and your parents have to pick you up. Now, if you're REALLY forgetting assignments, they give you an in-school suspension. That is when you skip your classes and go in a room to finish your homework. Those are the things they do to help you do your homework, but just remember to get your homework done and it won't happen.

Positive Things

Now that we got the negative stuff down, let's get to the positive things. Let's start with how at Lineville, we have blue and green acknowledgement cards. You can get green cards, which are worth two blue cards for being quiet in the Zero Zone (I will talk about the Zero Zones later) and walking. You can get blue cards for getting your homework done, doing kind things, or helping out. Those are also just some of the things you can do to get them. Also, you can turn them in when you get 30 to get a prize card. These prize cards can be a late homework pass, wear slippers for the day, eat lunch with the teacher, do half of an assignment, and eat at a special lunch table with a friend (they have a table with placemats and decorations and a tablecloth). Those are just a few, but there is a lot more. I know people asked the question "Can we save up our acknowledgement cards?" and, the answer is no.


Next, let's talk about the incentives. There are two different incentives, and they each happen at the end of the month. First, let's talk about the house incentives. These are incentives that each house has, and each house's is different. To get to the incentive, you need less than 3 minors in the month and no majors for the month. Some incentives we have had in the Clubhouse are an ice cream party, a movie with popcorn, dodgeball, and capture the flag. Next, let's talk about the school incentives. The school incentives are bigger incentives, because it is everyone in the school that has gotten less than 3 minors and no majors for the month that are there. Some school incentives are a school dance, a movie, a bouncy house in the first week, and on one day there was a really fun incentive. A person from Gnome Games (a board game store) came and taught us how to play a game called Snake Oil.

Now you know about the discipline rules here at Lineville!

Our Hallways at Lineville

Walking in the Halls

Our hallways at Lineville are different than the ones at your school. You know how your teacher walks you to classes, and the whole class walks in a straight line? At Lineville, they let you walk to your classes by yourself, unless you can't handle following the hallway rules, which I will talk about next. If you are goofing around and being late to classes, you will probably have to have a teacher walk you to your classes.

Voice Levels in the Hallways

You know the Zero Zone I mentioned? Let's talk about those. The Zero Zones are marked with red tape, and they remind you to stay quiet. These are placed around classrooms, and are like the Zero sign some people hold up in some schools. If you are thinking "So, do we have to stay quiet all the time in the halls? Where can I talk to my friends?" and well, the answer is blue tape. Blue tape is on places around hallways that aren't really by classrooms, so the talking doesn't disturb classes. But, you can only use a level one voice, which means whisper. These are sometimes by bathrooms or bubblers.

How To Walk the Right Way

Next, you have to walk on the right side of the tape. It is like driving a car. Go on the right side because people are coming at you on the left. But, there is also corners that are rounded. You want to walk around those corners so you don't bump into anybody. For example, let's say Bob has to go to band. First, Bob would get out of the classroom, then see the red tape. Bob knows he has to stay quiet, because teachers might still be teaching. Next, Bob goes to his locker and opens it; and gets out his music, IPad, and pencil. After that, he walks down to band silently. See how easy it is to walk in the halls? The halls are only a little different than the ones at your school.

Lockers At Lineville

About the Lock and Other Important Information

Lockers at Lineville aren't a big deal, once you get used to them. Are you worried about the lock? Let's start with that. A lot of people put things hanging from their lock. For example, I put two Rainbow Loom things my friend made on mine. Let's get to how we need to open the locker. First go right. Let's say your combination is 09-30-17. First, you would go to 9. Great job! You got the first part done. Next go right around past the 0 to 30. Now that you got the second part done, let's get to the last part to open it. Go left to 17. Was that to confusing? Watch the video. You'll get the hang of it soon. Finally, your locker is open. If it ever doesn't open, get a teacher or other member of the staff. They will help you. But never share your combination, because you don't want people stealing your things.

Decorating Your Locker

I know, your locker is empty, with nothing in it besides the shelf on the top. It's very boring without hanging lights and shelves, but I will give an example later, including a picture of my locker. You can decorate the inside, but make sure there is room for your supplies, coat, and backpack. For example, I have a whiteboard, four stuffed animal magnets, and a calendar on my whiteboard. I also have a shelf at the bottom, where I keep my gym clothes and headphones. I would recommend using the plastic shelves because the metal ones fall and don't hold that many things at the top without collapsing in the weight. I would also recommend having a drawer from that plastic shelf on the shelf already in your locker to hold art supplies and supplies that aren't needed. Go ahead and decorate however you want, just don't put anything on the outside, because it is a rule. For example, let's say it is the summer school class and a girl goes to her locker to decorate it, because her parents brought the supplies. She puts the fuzzy pink rug she got for decoration, her whiteboard, her plastic shelf, and her drawer in the locker. Next, the school supplies. Finally, the girl is done! I wish you luck with your locker!

Lunch and Recess at Lineville

All About Lunch

Lunch and recess is different than at your school. First of all, recess is after lunch, not like at your school where they did recess before lunch (depending on which school you are coming from). There is also three choices for lunch.

The first choice is the District Meal. This offers the meal that the whole district has, which is what you usually eat at your school.

The second choice is Commons Meal. This meal is planned every week, and is the same every week except if they add some things. For example, they have Figaro's pizza every Monday and Friday, cheese fries every Tuesday, and cheese bread every Wednesday. As you can tell by the name, it is located in the commons, or lunch room.

Don't like these choices? The third choice is to take a cold lunch from home. It is just like your school. You take your lunch and eat it in the lunch room. It's that simple.

Hungry for more? Pick something from the A la carte table. It's not free though, it costs extra. Things from the A la carte table include:

  • Soft pretzels and cheese

  • Chips

  • Rice Krispie granola bar

  • Cookie

  • Water

  • Snapple

  • Snack Pack pudding

  • Fruit snacks

  • Bagel and cream cheese

  • Juice

There are a lot of tables to sit at, and they each sit 8 people and no more. That's the choices for lunch, and next I will talk about recess.
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Recess is different also, and you probably know a little about it already. You might know that there is no playground equipment, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to do! You can:

  • Play basketball

  • Talk with friends

  • Play catch with football

  • Play dodgeball

  • Tether ball

Recess lasts 10-20 minutes and there is only one recess. Have fun in lunch and at recess!

Your Schedule at Lineville

Understanding your Classes

Wondering what your schedule will be? You will have two specials a day and, they are gym, art, spanish, technology, band, orchestra and choir. Of course, you don't do all the music specials, or spanish and technology. For spanish and technology, you take spanish for one semester, and then switch off next semester to technology. A semester is two quarters, which is half of the year. An example of a person's specials would be gym and technology on a day 1, then art and orchestra on a day 2. Wait, you don't know what a day 1 and a day 2 is? I will tell you then! Every day at Lineville, we switch off on a day 1 and day 2 so that the students know what specials to go to. Also, there is a four minute passing time between classes, so that you can stop at your locker to get supplies and go to the bathroom.
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Starting Your Day

Now, let's get to the rest of the schedule for a normal day at Lineville. First, you go to one of your house teacher's room for team time, which is where you do the pledge and some fun team time activities. Some examples of the activities would be dodgeball, dancing, and gaga. Team time is very short, and it is also a place where the teacher takes attendance. Next, if you are in the Clubhouse, you might have math or language arts first. Let's follow my schedule, and I have math first. I would head from my team time over to math, which I have normal math with Mrs.Brandt, but when you get here you might have accelerated math with Mrs. Marozek. Math lasts an hour in the Clubhouse, but the time is different in other houses. After that, I head to language arts in Miss Utech's room. Some other houses have their special third hour, and our hours in the clubhouse are longer in the morning. Next, I go to my fourth hour special, which on a day 1 it would be band, and on a day 2 it would be gym. Finally, after that I go to lunch and recess.

The Afternoon

After lunch, in the Clubhouse, we head to our rotations of Social Studies, Science and STAR time. STAR time is where we get our homework done, because our last class is Achieve. After those rotations, we go to our eighth hour special, which on a day 1 I have technology, and on a day 2 I have art. Finally, in the Clubhouse we do Achieve at the end of the day, but other houses do homework at the end of the day. Then, you head home. I wish you luck following your schedule!
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Lineville Fifth Grade Year!

See? Lineville isn't so bad! Enjoy your fifth grade year here at Lineville, because you are only a fifth grader once! Good luck at Lineville!
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