The invisible population

People can be invisible in many ways, in some you might not expect. To be invisible doesn't mean physically, but more in the sense of not being noticed, not being acknowledged. There are many examples of the invisible population, fiction and nonfiction. Some examples would be:

Homeless children in the United States, slavery all over the world, and Alicia, a blind girl, from the book "Things Not Seen".

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Homeless Children

“Advocates for the homeless argue that HUD’s definition of “homeless” excludes more than a million homeless kids. That makes it almost impossible for state and local governments to use federal money to help them.” says the article Child Homelessness at Record High, Report Says, "Call to Action" for States.

This quote shows that even if children are at a level of homelessness, they are still not considered homeless by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. By not being recognized, they don’t get any help, which leads them to feel and become invisible to the world.

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“Svlaery is hdinig”

If you couldn’t figure it out, this actually says “Slavery is hiding.” And it is hiding. You have to inspect things if you ever want to find an answer, much like slavery. Slavery is barely noticeable. The “owners” of the slaves keep them hidden, and out of sight. So they’re invisible to the world.

You can help by donating to organizations, or by reporting anyone who might “own” slaves.
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Things Not Seen

“I could tell other people were looking at me funny, I could feel it, and I could hear it in their voices. It felt like they wished I would just go away. I made them uncomfortable. And I couldn’t read the books I loved, I couldn’t watch movies, couldn’t see sunsets or flowers. It was all invisible, just like me.” -Alicia, from the book "Things Not Seen" by Andrew Clements.

This shows that Alicia feels invisible, only because she is blind. People Alicia knew turned on her, and chose to ignore her, leaving her to feel lost and invisible.

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