scientific revolution

the change, people, impact, and results of the revolution

_______Backround info__________

The scientific revolution was an amazing era of change from concrete details by the church about the world to questioning, innovation and discovery about what the world has to offer. This era came about when people started questioning their world and challenging their every day beliefs. This era brought about so many things we know currently. This was one of the most influential time periods known today.

_____Nicolaus Copernicus______

Nicolaus Copernicus was the first scientist to question the geocentric theory (the idea that the earth was at the center of the universe). Through a series of test and observations Copernicus brought into motion the heliocentric theory(the theory the sun was in the middle of the universe). Although this theory had enough support to be under serious questioning the church stopped him in his tracks, because this new theory contradicted the church, which was the major power at the time, he didn't publish it until he was well in old age. Sadly this book didn't catch on due to the contradiction of religion and disbelief of the people that what they had known all along was wrong.

_________Galileo Galilei_________

Galileo used the past works of Kepler (another scientist who recorded the motion of the planets and mathematically fortified the heliocentric theory) and Copernicus along with his studies and inventions (like the telescope) created the idea of elliptical motion and also successfully solidated the heliocentric theory. This theory had so much evidence and details the people and the church had no choice but to acknowledge the fact that the heliocentric theory was out there and had years of evidence behind it. While the people was awed at the new look at the world the church was furious and scared that their power and trust by the people was going down the drain. As a result the church incarcerated Galileo tortured him until the point where they got him to say the heliocentric theory was false and he pent the rest of his days in a cell. unfortunately after Galileo's death the church decided that the heliocentric theory was true.

_________Isaac Newton__________

Isaac newton was the amazing physicist who taught us about the laws of motion we still use today. Newton conducted many experiments and came up with three laws to describe motion. The first one is an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. The second is the equation F=MA or force equals mass times acceleration. The third and final law is for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. All three of these laws are still undisputed in our society today and nobody has proved them wrong yet.

_____________Impact and Infuence_______________

These people along with more completely changed the mindset, the knowledge, and the entire world of the people of this era. Their talents and inquiring brought forth new technology, and facts to the world. Things like the telescope, microscope, newton's laws, and the heliocentric theory were deeply life changing to the people then and now. Their influence and change was so big that today we explore and innovate their ideas to better understand the universe today. To this day we're still innovating and using these ideas to better understand our environment. This is why this era was and still is important to us today.