The Lost Boys From Southern Sudan

Santinos and Peters Story From South Sudan

The story of The Lost Boys

Sudan has been involved in the war since the mid 1980s. Peter and Santino came from the Dinka Tribe. They were sent to America for a better life and come back and help the south Sudanese People. Since arriving to America as refugees The Lost Boys (Santino and Peter) lives have continued to changed.

Santino and Peter Today

Today Santino is living in Houston, Texas with many of his other friends. He works night shifts at a metal factory and is attended Houston Community College. Today Peter lives in San Jose, California. Peter finished his senior year in high school. He joined track and also plays basketball. He attends a Community College and attended college for medicine.

What Peter And Santino Do To Help The Sudanese Community And How Can You Help The Lost Boys?

After arriving to the United States Peter and Santino both have been successful in life and now they use their time and money to help the Sudanese people and bring life and happiness to Sudan. There are many ways you can contribute to the Lost Boys. You can donate to the Lost Boys Education Fund. You can help build awareness and help end the crisis in Darfur.
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