Plateau Toastmasters Club

Club Session - 08 October 2019

World Octopus Day

In 1983, the 13th James Bond movie came out as "Octopussy";

In 2010, Paul the Octopus predicted the World Cup Champions; and

In 2019, first timer TME Bhavish spread his arms and not tentacles to celebrate World Octopus Day with no HYPERBOLES ! but in all simplicity, calmness of an aspiring lawyer. The way he mastered the transitions with Octopus jokes was a "pick in the octopus" ! Bravo Bhavish !

Awesome Prepared Speeches

"Reasons for Life"

Winner of the Prepared Speech, Sorjen said that life is too short and one should assess whether he/she is climbing the ladder of the wrong wall and instead focus on the People Reasoning, People Seasoning and People Lifetime !

Table Topics Segment

Our Newest Member Subhiraj, the Table Topics Master of the day, fired away with Octopus related questions and Winner Soomayyah managed to rekindle her positive vibes by selling her Octopus for Rs 5m while Faizal keep putting things in the wrong place while his wife keeps putting things in the right place ! Roshan Daureawoo did not expect to kiss his wife after eating octopus in case matters worsen at home ! Well, Maryline, although vegetarian, would not mind hogging that octopus curry if worst comes to worst ! and Farhan seriously wished he was not an Octopus as the story of the death threat to octopus mating was haunting him !

Evaluations !

Roshan Seebaluck with his team of evaluators captured every single speeches at their right bite size !
Winner Ishrat was swept by the delivery from Sorjen and recommended the power of Pauses and to work on his breathing techniques to bring his speech to a higher level !
Ishrat's evaluation of Sorjen

The unflinching support of Grammarian Mira, Ah-Counter Azra and Timer Roshan D, enabled General Evaluator Roshan S to toe the lines of everyone who didn't !

Plateau Toastmasters Club celebrates its 16th Year Anniversary

Special Thanks to Guests from NewGen Toastmasters Club (Ms Tanuja) and Port Louis Toastmasters Club (Mr. Somiah)

Next Session

Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 7-9pm

Maharashtra Bhawan, Reduit

TME - Milind Bhoyroo

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