Artificial Selection In LiveStock

By: Elizabeth Arellano & Ashley Evans

What Is Artificial Selection?

Humans select useful traits from two organism and breed them that way the offspring will have the traits that were mimicked , the organism naturally wouldn't be able to have .

How is it being used currently ?

Artificial selection is currently being used with dogs . Humans are choosing the physical traights for example dogs that are hypoallergenic , personality or hunting .

Advantages and Disadvantages

It creates the potential for added profitability.
Farmers who engage in artificial selection can create crops that are bigger, more plentiful, or more resilient to local pests. When more of a crop can be grown to completion on a regular basis, then this allows for more profits to be achieved.

The quality of life is often reduced through artificial selection.
Although this result isn’t seen right away, it can become problematic once the gene pool becomes too similar. When inbreeding or same-species pollination happens too frequently, then the offspring tends to have a lower than average lifespan.

How Artificial Selection will effect Society & The Future

It will make an impact for farmers all over the planet, especially in areas where land is scarce. It'll provide the best parts of livestock and crops in order to make the best profit. But its not perfect, others argue its unethical and GMO. Its in the hands of the people to decide.