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What are the options for teachers who struggle with the urban child?

Best Practices for Teaching African American Boys


This is a school which offers a foreign exchange program with countries all over the world. i attended the school the school is located in East London, South Africa. The experience alone would change to outlook of students in challenging situations all across the country.

this is a picture of me with the 1995 world cup champion springbok rugby player Chester Williams. The movie "Invictus was based that team"

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The reason behind the idea


My main idea is to create a non profit organization which partners with the school which i attended in South Africa. The ages i am targeting are 10-13 these years students will be in primary school. I have already contacted former classmates and will be traveling to south africa this summer. I Believe that this program can provide a great experience for young african american youth attended an all boys private school. " I believe that all of us are competitors "

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