Corruption in law enforcement

Where is the line between law enforcement and corruption

Background info on corruption in law enforcement.

  • Police corruption is a problem effecting countries around the globe.
  • Law enforcement corruption is when a law enforcement officer violates your human rights for any reason.
  • Corruption in law enforcement is connected cruel and unusual punishment in amendment 8 in the U.S Constitution.
  • Police misconduct can result in fatalities and injuries mentally and physically
  • Thousands of police misconduct complaints are filed each year in the U.S

Causes of Corrupt Law Enforcement

  • An averige patrol Office in the U.S makes roughly $57,770 anualy. Only $5,000 over the U.S averige per capita.
  • The Power givin to officers can "go to their heads" and cause them to harass people.
  • Police officers can violate peoples rights do to poor training in how to handle situations.
  • Some offices are much larger in size that the person they are handaling, and might accidently hurt them while trying to incapacitate them.
  • Officers affected by PTSD or Post Tramatic Stress Disoarder can react in harmfull or violent ways in different situations.

Effects of Corrupt Law Enforcement

  • Rioting of people trying to have their voices heard.
  • People Physically and mentally abused.
  • Businesses and people getting ripped of or stolen from.
  • People having anxiety or PTSD do to them being abused.
  • Officers getting fired making the force more weak.

Examples of Police Corruption

  • Baltimore Officer takes cash to protect drug operation.
  • UC Davis Students sprayed with pepper spry during peaceful protest.
  • Mexico government fires around 3,200 officers.
  • In 2007 officers steal drugs for own use.
  • A Hispanic man was pulled over for no violation and forced to have a full body exam for drugs, but none where found.

How I feel

  • Police corruption is a horrible thing.
  • I feel Police officers should carry surveillance cameras.
  • Police Officers should go under investigation if even suspicious of any crime.