Theology II Mid-Term

from Creation to Judgement

"In the Beginning.."

God Created Heaven and Earth and it it he created all creatures including Adam and Eve- the first humans- the pinnacle of God's creation who were made in the image and likeness of God. God created them with intelligence, the ability to love, and free will: special gifts given only to man. They resided in the garden of Eden, a paradise God made for them. Their Original State was of perfect holiness, happiness, and justice; they were always taken care of and their was no suffering, death, or unhappiness there. This was so until they disobeyed God by giving into temptation and the Devil by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They misused their gift of free will and with it they lost their state of holiness, justice, friendship with God, and they were expelled from paradise. They also brought death, suffering, and sin into the world and to their descendants: us.

The Original State of Man

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Original Sin and its Consequences

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The Word Became Flesh

The Word Becoming Flesh refers to God's word- Jesus- being born into Humanity by way of Mary. After Adam and Eve committed original Sin god paved a redemptive path; God spoke to Adam and Eve and told them there would be a woman whose seed would conquer the serpent: this means that a woman will give birth and the child would conquer satin and crush all sin brought into the world by Adam and Eve's disobedience. When the prophecy was fulfilled Mary conceived a son by the power of the Holy Spirit and gave birth to Jesus Christ the Son of God, who in time would crush sin and bring God's love in its place.

There are 4 reasons why the Word became Flesh:

* To make expiation for sins, reconcile man with God, and restore human nature lost by sin

*To manifest the infinite depth of god's love.

*To offer a model of holiness

*To allow people to share in his divine life

The Word Became Flesh....

1. For Expiation, Reconciliation, and Restoration

The rift created by Adam and Eve's could not be bridged by any mortal being because the disrespect that Original Sin brought to God's infinite dignity can only be restored by someone who is of infinite value. Only a savior that posses the nature of both God and man can fulfill the necessary condition for redemption. Jesus was brought into the world to bridge the gap between God and his creation as the God sent savior.

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The Word Became Flesh....

2. To Manifest God's Love.

Becoming man was part of God's plan of redemption for Adam and Eve and their descendants from the start.God became man to show his infinite love to us,he did this so that we might serve God by love instead of fear..God bore the burden of our sins by his Death and Passion to show us his radical love.

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The Word Became Flesh....

3. To Offer A Model Of Holiness

God was incarnate to show the perfect example of holiness and show forth the dignity of the human person. Jesus showed how, with grace, anyone can overcome temptation and the Devil. Christ's life shows the potential greatness a human person can achieve. This allows us to strive to be better human beings because everything we do is in the nae of God as well as Jesus, the perfect model for us to follow.

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The Word Became Flesh...

4. to Allow a share in His Divine Life

Jesus came to the earth so that we may share in God's divine life through Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit. The only way this could have ever happened is by Christ obtaining sanctifying graces through his redemption which is why the word became flesh. Christ instituted the 7 Sacraments for us to receive is sanctifying grace. They allow us to life in Jesus' ways and it allow the Holy Spirit to gives actual grace so Christ's life animate the soul.

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The Paschal Mystery

The Passion, Death, and Resurrection is the Paschal Mystery. This encompasses Christ's entire redemptive mission. The moment he resurrected this manifests his victory after death. The Paschal Lamb whose blood saved the Jews from slavery in Egypt is the type of Jesus as his blood saved us from the slavery of sin.
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The Theological Virtues

These are Faith Faith, Hope, and Charity.These virtues help us achieve union with God. They also help achieve a life like Christ through prayer, the sacraments, and practice of the virtues.


God infuses faith in our souls at Baptism to help comprehend the truths set forth by himself or his son. Our use of faith helps a person's belief in God and also brings them closer to God himself. It also elevates the natural intellect and their will so the person can put God's truth in action.
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Hope gives the mind and will the power to trust God will give all the means necessary to achieve everlasting life. It also gives us the capacity to respond to his love so as to achieve a life of sanctity. Hope enables a person to rely on God's grace and trust in his promise of salvation and everlasting life in heaven. Hope helps us achieve a life of holiness.
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Charity enables a person to love above all things and your neighbor as yourself. Since our God loves his creation with infinite limits he asks us through the Theological Virtue of Charity to share the love he has for us returned to others. We should love God without question just as he does us. This mindset can be cultivated through the Virtue of Charity.
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Prayer: How We communicate with God

A friendship is built on communication which is why we communicate with God through Prayer. Whether Vocal, Meditative, or Contemplative Prayer any strengthen our relationship with God. Prayer is a inner communion or conversation with God, which allows spiritual nourishment from God and allows us to inch our way closer and closer back to our Creators side.
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The Four Marks of the Church

Since the creation of the church Christians have found four essential marks of the church that distinguish it from other faiths. These four Marks are that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic.

The Church is One

In this proclamation we acknowledge the Church's uniqueness and singularity. Just as we profess that there is One God we also profess their is One Church not multiple churches.
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The Church is Holy

The second mark is holiness that she received from Christ through the Holy Spirit. CHrist fills her with grace so much she becomes sanctifying herself. Her mission is to bring all men to communion with God. Because her mission is the glory of God she is holy.
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The Church is Catholic

Although we are the Catholic Church the third mark, Catholic, refers to the Church's "universal" or "pertaining to the whole" trait. The church is " universal" because she is whole and complete, as well as because she has received universal authority from Christ to fulfill her universal mission.
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The Church is Apostolic

The fourth mark refers to the selection of Christ to appoint Apostles to lead his Church. The Church is called this because of its:

*Apostolic Tradition- She was built and remains on the foundation of the Apostles.

*Apostolic Faith- She guards and teaches us, with aid from the Holy Spirit, the tea hings of Jesus through the Apostles.

*Apostolic Succession- She continues to teach, sanctify, and direct God's people with the help of the Apostles successors.

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The Last Things

Even though the Church is divinely instituted institution that seeks the salvation of all souls at the time of death it all comes down the your Christian life and The Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell.


"Death puts an end to human life as the time open to either accepting o rejecting the divine grace manifested in Christ." The death of the human body allows the everlasting soul to be freed to come to God for Judgement.
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Once our death has passed and our soul is freed our possibility of merit or conversion has ended we can either go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory depending on how we conducted our lives in God's eyes in our Particular Judgement.
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This is the state of everlasting life in which we see God, become like him in glory, and enjoy eternal happiness due to our faith and our dutiful, Christian life. All souls in Heaven are in the light of glory offered by immediate communion with God. These righteous people have payed for their sins through reconciliation or Purgatory and can now live in perfect harmony with God.
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Hell is the worst option a person can choose of their own God-gifted free will; it is the eternal separation from God involving eternal suffering, pain, and loss. Hell lacks and is the opposite of love, happiness, mercy, and compassion. This torture is only given to those who end up there of their own accord and of their own free-will and choice. You can reach this punishment if you die in mortal sin, without repentance and without seeking God's compassionate love and infinite mercy throughout their living lifetime.
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The Parousia

Also called the Second Coming, this involves Christ appearing in power and majesty as judge to establish his eternal and everlasting Kingdom. At this God's majesty, wisdom, justice, and mercy will be displayed for all as Christ's eternal victory on earth over death and sin. Souls will be reunited with their immortal bodies in the resurrection. At this point the good will come to his Kingdom to prosper for their devotion to God and the wicked into the pits of Hell for their lack of repentence.
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