Chloe Robinson and Andie Hilburn


  • rolling grasslands scattered with shrubs and isolated trees
  • can be found between tropical rainforests and desert biome
  • known as tropical grasslands

Plant Species and Adaptaions

  • Acacia Senegal (species name) Gum Acacia (common name)
  • Cynodon Dactlyon (species name) Bermuda Grass (common name)
  • Pennisetum Purpureum (species name) Elephant Grass (common name)
  • Acacia Tortils (species name) Umbrella Thorn Acacia (common name)
  • Adansonia (species) Baobab Tree (common name)
  • grass grows quickly when there is adequate water because they go through droughts
  • grass stores moisture and nutrients in their roots while they await for the rainy season to come
  • Umbrella Thorn Acacia has developed long, sharp thorns which share a relationship with stinging ants. They live in the thorns and when an animal takes a bite they get angry ants in their mouth which drives them away.
  • fire resistant
  • Baobab Tree stores water in its large trunk

Animal Species and Adaptations

  • Loxodonta (species name) African Elephants (common name)
  • Dromaius Novaethollandiae (species name) Emu (common name)
  • Phascularctos Cinereus (species name) Koala Bear (common name)
  • Panthera Leo (species name) Lion (common name)
  • Papio Ursinus (species name) Chacma Baboon (common name)
  • Crocodylus Niloticus (species name) Nile Crocodile (common name)
  • Equus Grevyi (species name) Zebra (common name)
  • Lacy Pictus (species name) African Wild Dog (common name)
  • African Elephant's have a long trunk that is flexible and is used to pick up food and water and carry it to its mouth
  • Emu's have sharp, three toed feet that help them run extremely fast
  • Koala Bear's have strong bones to support its heavy body while climbing trees
  • Lion's coats are perfect camouflage for the tall dry grass for sneaking up on prey
  • Chacma Baboon's have sharp teeth in which they use for defense against a predator

Interesting Facts

  • Many animals of the savanna are endangered due to overhunting and loss of habitat.
  • The Baobab tree can live for thousands of years.
  • Fire is used to help keep the density of trees low and stimulate the productivity of the grasses.
  • The largest savanna is located in Africa.
  • Most of Africa's 2,300 species of birds are found in the savanna.

Food Web

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Predation- Wild Dog hunts and eats its prey, the Hare

Mutualism- Acacia Thorns provide a home for Ants and the Ants protect the tree from predators

Commensalism- Lion kills the Gazelle and leaves the leftovers for scavengers like the Hyena

Parasitism- a Tik on a Caracal

Competition- Lion and Cheetah's compete for the Gazelle

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Human Impact