Drugs Are Thugs Of YOUR Life

Why you shouldn't

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Effects of drugs

Drugs, there not good for you, but people still do them. People try to say its cool. But is it cool to poison yourself, go into a trance were you could do something and die? Is it cool to ruin your future? Would you rather die peacefully in your sleep or die in a hospital bed you been sitting in for 4 months strait suffering. More people die from drug abuse long and painfully then die car accidents that kill instantly or very fast. Do you want that to be you? Look on the internet-all that is true you may think you look cool but in 5 years you could have as many wrinkles as a elephant. Drugs DO NOT make you look good they make you look A LOT worse. Also steroids you know those things that make your muscles grow well once you get off them you will lose your muscles and that stretched skin will just hang there and instead of strong your fatter than ever. Also men's testicles start to shrink to a point where they can not reproduce. Also men may experience 1 or 2 breasts that will develop. For women, facial and chest hair will start to grow and their voice will deepen. Worst of all both sex will suffer from acne, mood swings, paranoia, and "roid rage". As you can see drugs are very bad. But household products I think can be the worst. Try having slurred speech, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, loss of consciousness, and brain damage. Unless, you know, when you ACTUALLY use it for the right purpose it will do no harm. Let me tell you something, you like being lied to, well how about being lied to from your self. Well PCP and LSD make you see and hear things that could make you do something horrible. Drugs are bad, so just say NO.
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