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  2. England facts.
  3. London.
  4. Europe.
  5. the queen.
  6. god save the queen.
  7. employment.
  8. river themes.
  9. land marks.

englands facts

  • London is the capital.
  • England is in Europe
  • England was the first to have a underground railway called the tube.
  • England seas Northan sea, Atlantic ocean.
  • Coordinates 51 degrees north, 0.1167 degrees west.
  • Time zone GMT \ UTC.
  • Money pounds and pence.
  • Religion christen, Sikh, Jewish.
  • Main city London, Manchester, Liverpool , Kingston, whales, Greenwich.
  • Rivers river themes.
  • Oceans northan sea, Atlantic.


  • There are lots of famous building like the London eye, Shard, Gherkin, London tower, Big Ben, London bridge, Victoria and Albert museum, Buckingham palace.


  • Europe is the continent of England.
  • Europe uses Euros as money.
  • Europe is near Asia the biggest continent in the world .
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the queen

  • the queen is called Elizabeth II
  • she was born on 21 April 1926.
  • Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
  • sons and daughters are Charles, prince of Whales, Anne, Princesses royal, prince Andrew, Duke of York prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
British Anthem, God Save the Queen (with lyrics)


employment is the businesses and jobs people have

river Thames

  • length 346 km
  • river Thames is next to lots of famous places.

land marks

mountains=monadhliath, cairngorm, grampain, blackmount

lakes= carnforth, penrith, kendal

rivers= river Thames