Team 7 Newsletter

November 11-15

No School Monday November 11th!

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Students are being asked by their teachers to fill out their agenda each day in class. As teachers we expect them to write their daily work, homework and any important tests or project due dates. If you are wondering more about their daily tasks than what you see in the newsletter below, please ask to see your student's agenda.

Math-Ms. McGehee

Plans (Subject to Change)

Monday-No School

Tuesday-Lesson 5: Subtracting Integers

Wednesday-Lesson 6: Finding distance

Thursday-Lesson 7: Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

Friday-Adding and Subtracting class activity

There will be homework after each lesson.

Action Figure Scale Drawing Project

Students had to measure an action figure and us scale factor to figure out what that action figure would look like as a human. Here are their final drawings.
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Language Arts--Mrs. Martin

Food policy update: I have had a personal policy for my classroom that students are allowed to eat a small snack as long as it does not cause any distractions. This has become an issue with some students in some classes. I do not want to eliminate food entirely from my classes because I think it can help some students to focus, and I know that I can get "hangry" sometimes :). However, I do see the need to address what constitutes a "small snack." With the help of my students, we have decided that if students need a snack in class, they are allowed to eat: 1. a granola bar, 2. a small bag of fruit snacks, or 3. a pack/small baggie of crackers. Students may also have water in class to drink. I hope that limiting students' choices of snacks will eliminate the problems we have been having, but if it does not, I may have to reconsider allowing food in my classroom.

Grading: As a reminder, missing assignments will become 50% grades if they are not turned in within a week of the due date. However, I will still accept assignments that have been marked as a 50% if students take the time to re-do them, and demonstrate understanding of the material. Please ask your child to see me to set up a time to re-do these assignments if necessary.

Classwork: This coming week, students will finish working on the paragraph to explain the effects of irrational thinking in "Monsters are due on Maple Street." This paragraph will become a body paragraph in a larger essay at the end of the nine weeks, and will count as an assessment grade. Students will also begin a short project on the play in which they can choose to create a comic strip to illustrate the plot, rewrite the events as if they are a police officer or eye-witness, or create a news report in video format as an eye-witness or a police officer. Students will have two days in class to work on this assignment, but may need to complete it as homework. Projects will be due on Monday, 11/18.

Schedule: (subject to change)

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Peer editing of MEAL paragraph: What are the effects of irrational thinking in "Monsters are due on Maple Street"?

Wednesday: "Monsters are due on Maple Street" Incident Report

Thursday: Continue

Friday: Analyze plot and theme of an episode of The Twilight Zone

Social Studies -- Mr. Beles

This coming week we are focusing on one project that will be heavily invested in the Amazon rainforest, and the way that humans are interacting with it. We will begin researching about it next week. We will then progress and build information that we can utilize to host a Socratic Seminar by the end of the week. A Socratic Seminar is similar to a formal debate, where one person is formally talking at a time, and other people respond appropriately and politely to the topics discussed. This week not only focuses on research and finding credible evidence, but then presenting that evidence professionally in a way that respects the opinions and values of others.

I also plan on getting a ton graded this weekend so grades will be more reflective of student work by Monday or Tuesday. Let me know as always if you have questions!

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Begin research

Wednesday: Finish research

Thursday: Organize research and practice seminar

Friday: Full Socratic seminar

Science - Mrs. Brown

In Science, we are working on an endangered species project. The goals of ecology lessons we have been learning is for students to really understand what happens when we do not take care of our resources. It has many of them thinking about solutions and really understanding that it is a global problem that needs solutions. Maybe they may be the next Greta Thunberg vying for a nobel peace prize.

Monday - No School

Tuesday - LAST work day for project

Wednesday - Project Presentations

Thursday - Finish Presentations

Friday - The Lorax